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The forum shop has been re-opened! ... 56#p188056

You can post what you would like to buy and transfer the TG amount to the Forum Shop account as payment. You can buy below listed services by paying for them in TG.

We reserve rights to reject the new name/title if we find it inappropriate, in such case you can either make a new submission or ask for refund.
Example of names that can't be requested are: Any of the Admin team member's name(or similar), names that are already taken, etc

Kindly write clearly and carefully(spelling) on what service you want to buy and what you want it to be.
To avail any of the below services, Post in this thread requesting it/them and pay the amount listed for them to Forum Shop account, the services will be provided only after TG is transferred.

Forum Services and Prices

F1. Forum Name Change
If you wish to get your current forum account username changed to something else, then buy this service.
Price: 100TG

F2. Forum Title
By default, every registered forum user gets a monster ranking based on their number of posts on forum. In place of this monster ranking, you can have a custom text which is known as your title on forum. Max limit of text in title is 20 characters including spaces.
► title example
Price: 100TG

Forum signatures will not be offered for sale as they need to be reworked. They will be available for sale after they are reworked.

The Sin War Services and Prices

To expedite TSW services contact Aahz via PM or Discord
S1. TSW Account Name Change
As the name says, you can change your The Sin War account name by paying for this service as long as the account belongs to you.
Price: 200TG

S2. TSW Character Name Change
By purchasing this service, you can request a name change for any of your character on The Sin War servers that you own.
Price: 100TG

S3. Transferring Char to Another Account
This service allows you to move your character on TSW from one account to another. The char you want to transfer must be owned by you but the account you want to transfer it to may belong to anyone so be careful in listing what account you want it in.
Price: 250TG

S4. Downloading Copy of Multiplayer Char to Single Player
You may now play your The Sin War characters on Single Player by availing this service.
If you wish to place a request you may leave your TSW account name, character name(to-be transferred) and send the price mentioned below to the Forum Shop account.

Note: Realm-only items will be removed from character(s) before transfer. It is recommended to move the aforementioned items to a separate character or account beforehand. Staff members will not be held accountable for any loss during this process. This service will NOT delete your char from your realm account.
Price: 300TG

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The shop was initially targeted towards people that hoarded TG, so the prices had been set primarily with the focus of flushing some TG off the market in order to increase its value. We have failed to consider the real money equivalents for the services provided here. For this we want to give our most sincerest apologies to the whole community. A 300-TG forum name change would have been accessible to someone who owns 5k+ TG, but if someone wanted to buy it with real money it would cost $30, which is indeed ridiculous. We have now acknowledged both types of customers and reduced all the prices greatly (by about 200%).

I hope you can also understand the duality in the system and how we're now trying to set up a price that is suited for people that are both buying with earned TG as well as people who donate for these services, while still keeping it worth for us to provide. Consider all of these require manual labor, some from our sysadmin, so if we weren't to find common grounds with the community in terms of prices, we'd just have to desist from keeping the shop. Other than that, if in the future we can automate some of these services, we will look into lowering the prices even more.

Thank you all :)
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Are there any updates on those prices? tnx
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very nice services!