Season 18: Pandemonium

Game news and forum updates
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A new season is coming up on the 2nd August at 17:00 UTC!

S18: Pandemonium Recipes

Below is the list of recipes and changes of the S18 patch. Keep in mind you do not need to update your client, and these recipes will only work while playing on realm (multiplayer).

< If not specified, recipes only work on non-ethereal sacred weapons and armor. >

Rerolling Recipes

Unique + 2 Krys Rune ======> Reroll Unique (1 time use)*
Rare + Arcane Shard ======> Reroll Rare (can be used with Crystals)
Cycle + 3 Rares ======> Reroll Cycle

Downgrade Recipes

Unique + Runestone ======> Set Item (if Applicable)

Pandemonium Recipes

3 Uniques + Arcane Crystal ===> Random Unique** + Arcane Crystal
Full Item Set ===> Unique Item based on Set***

* This recipe can be used even if the item was already rerolled with enchanting crystals.
** All base types with have same chance to spawn, i.e. Naginata and Leather Gloves will be equally rare.
*** All created uniques are non-class specific. You can now build a full SU equipment using only sets!

Other Changes

  • Chaos Runewords have been enabled
  • Kurast 3000 BA set drops have been increased

See you in sanctuary!
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OMG! FIRST,iam happy,but it will take so long for S1 of Sigma,
Wolcen Beta i will pass 18 propably
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Already? I feel like I just got started!
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Nice thanks marco and all admins
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Woo can't wait. Time to get to re rolling and get all those items I've been killing myself over. Should be a fun one.
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So awesome
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Patchnote when? DansGame
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Pinball wrote:Patchnote when? DansGame

August 1st, doh.