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That was obviously, but i got many complaints from (conservators), when i was trying to discuss about it. Well, gl with balance.
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this makes me so happy lol I cant wait hopefully my computer will be back this week so I can grind out some stuff woot ty guys for all yr hard work and improving are gaming experience
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Firstly, moving on from no. 13 is rather essential :hammer: ...especially if you have male genitals :-] -no joke whatsoever :denied: (check the room numbers in all hotels throughout the whole of Europe for example -> won't find such a major/obvious curse EVER :roll: )
Secondly, the one hit KO was the only thing that kept me in line with the streamlined characters so far :drama:
Moreover, switching playstyles to overcome immunities indeed brought the fresh breeze for >100lvl characters you desperately searched for at the levelling overhaul :facepalm:
Finally, there is still and always has been a mandatory progression within the end game, part of which still remains impossible with some of the less capable/played classes alone... :calm: -THIS is the one and only issue that escalated even more in the last few years :punish:
There you go; You got the right idea but missed a spot ..or two :whistle:
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Hey! Love changes,so much comfort for building a character. if someone want Pure Fire Sorc should go for it!:) Maybe Sets for that playstyle for characters in future:)? Which disable rest chains in trees but boost up "Pure" heroes- (max skill increased in chains):)In my opinion That would expand differences in character builds even more.
Or something like that : you can't deal cold,physic,magic,poison etc. Dmg ,but fire dmg is increased by %
Jewelry (2rings+amu -each set for specific element and disable rest dmg from other sources)

My QOL suggestion Remove Revive skill from Shamans in Den (1q) or in entire Mod for all monsters (not bosses) painass everytime i play D2!:)

Median XL Sigma is my last hope this year. :wink: