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Marco wrote:
enanoakd wrote:I was really looking forward to the Brazilian server. A shame! Have you tried in other countries like Chile or Argentina? :(

We will keep looking. Maybe one in Argentina since im a citizen here

Great to know one of the Devs is also a countryman! Congratulations for this great achievement anyway! Saludos!
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Very cool! Looks like Sigma launch will be pretty flawless!
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I'm from Brazil and I'm once again upset about living in this shithole. Idk about the rest of us, but I'd pay a monthly subscription if I could play in a BR server. Maybe if you get enough people willing to pay you guys could look up for more alternatives.
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Hopefully one day there will be a server for new zealand. Then again we are use to playing with 200 ping haha luckily there is an australian server I guess. Is there any way to see how many people are playing and from what country?
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Good to see that you are preparing very well for the launch.

Here you can see summary. I'm not sure if there is available list of players on each GS
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well, not like i ever play on TSW anyway.
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:beg: :beg: Newzealand servers :yay: :yay:
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WoW!!!!! Asian server! I recently subscribed to WTFast because I'm in Korea but Japanese server will do nicely!

Thank you!!!
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I'm a brazilian and work as an IT Analyst. This problem you guys are facing, trying to find a VPS with a decent spec for a reasonable price located around here is more then common. Very often i choose VPS's located on Canada or France because of the absurd price diference. Everything here is expensive, power cost, hardware, taxes, etc, thats explain the abusive prices.

If there's anything you guys want to hear from an brazilian IT guy, just let me know.

Btw, i was hoping to play Sigma with low latency next week. Thats just a crush of an long time expectation :cry:
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I don't think having servers somewhere else in europe would make any difference. The latency between the 2 would be pretty much unnoticable.