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korkalon wrote:First of all, cant fck run gamr all might. Try everything, from old windows to newest. Then my friend told my he run game but cant find any settongs glide oO when u download sigma shot its up to date amd no setting anymore.

I had the same problem on the top right hand corner there's a gear which are settings (4th icon) click on that.Then if there's no settings under video mode.

Click run video test and it will give you settings under video mode
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there is now no setting like "fade map / center / everything" ? Map is not faded by default.
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I couldnt find Sigma feedback thread, so here goes some things I've noticed:

Cannot bind mouses wheelup/wheeldown anymore,
The hotkey for belt rows is missing (or I just cant figure out what it is), used to be the button next to 1 (~)

Barb stances are reacting with a delay. At least Wolf stance does, cause its noticeable when switching and you dont gain the runwalk speed right away and it takes up to 2-3 seconds. I don't know if thats intentional and the purpose behind it.

Besides that, everything else is great so far.
Pit Knight
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So any one will help me?
I and my friends have fck error c000000000000000000000000000000000000005!!!!!!!!!!
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Pit Knight
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All night try to run this fck mod and CANT!
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from the previous version all characters lost. Are you going to change the game sometime in the future and re-delete everything that we have obtained ???
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korkalon wrote:All night try to run this fck mod and CANT!

Same. It is just stuck in white screen and nothing happens. Clear D2lod works fine btw. Error_log tells nothing for me. We need a bugreport section.
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Will this patch be available on ios later on?? or is it already?
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I tried everything too for hours nothing worked . For now you can download this the patch in difrent folder , Coppy all the mpq and dll files and paste it in the preveous Diablo version folder file , make a shortcut from Diablo II exe to desktop and enjoyyourself.