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We have added a new option to the trade center so that people can search for transactions and price-check items:

Trade Center


We encourage everyone to use descriptive comments when doing transactions. This will help other users find references for value on the items they find.

Additionally, clicking on an user's TG on a post or profile will directly display their latest transactions by default.


We hope you like these new features and let us know if you have other ideas on how to improve your trading experience. Cheers!

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This is so good! Thank you :)
136 | -24
I haven't tried this yet Marco but it's certainly a welcomed addition if it does what's its supposed to :D
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Pit Knight
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this is ultra useful for the newbies like me:)!!!

somebody pleeease, get. this. man. a cookie :)
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Finally i can give players items they won on auction. Wasn't able to do it before cuz there was no latest transaction option to be found.
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Fantastic feature, no more scrolling through 50+ pages of transactions trying to find the price of something
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Finally! Thank you :) Yesterday, I made as a joke that I wanted a transaction search function since for me, as a new player, is hard to come up with a price, and I don't want to cut myself. Now I see this the next day. :D
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thanks! alot!
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Oh and as a suggestion, would it be possible for us to delete our own "bump" messages on the forums? Or like a bump button that you can use once every 30 mins/1 hour or so?
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Dark Huntress
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Damn, that's so cool to learn about that just after waking up !!

Thanks guys, keep up the good work !!!!