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Scalewinged wrote:Hyena strike?... Waaaaat?... I mean not Curare (f... this piece of poo!), ofc. i was going for paragon that can give alot more hp and buff Takedown ability to heal 2,5% life after kill (in other words - each 10k hp = 250 LaeK). I was never using hyena as "defensive ability"... i was never using it at all.

PS: Well, maybe nt in Sigma but in M17 1.2 it could do nearly everything in game. Yes, with Great hunt and yes, under fury that i was getting/reloading from same GH. And i never compare classes with most mainstream. In that case - go play barb and pal and nothing more, 'cause all other chars can't do anything :mrgreen: Let's instead compare Spearzon with another non-mainstream build... with manasorc? Why not? Or with Wolf dru? With UH caster pal? Throw barb?
If you want really weak char - try current trap ssin that really can't do anything. At least i've failed miserably even at IotSS. Tried to do TA - it took 60+ (!!!) min to only kill priestesses. And that's even with fact that i killed last priestess with help of some joined Barb lol. Not crafts, not TUs, not runewords simply not helping you to jump from early to mid. Hope now it will become smth more playable XD

I streamed two days to level hardcore trap-asn to rank 13 of assassin. I build very defensively (40k def) because it it hardcore. But I still feel very decent clear speed. Btw, it is kind of painful to play assassin in hc. Really glass-like, especially in uber.
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Looking good, genuinely excited for this patch
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Приветствую создатели. Бесконечный сундук будет создаваться под эту версию?
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mitekman wrote:Приветствую создатели. Бесконечный сундук будет создаваться под эту версию?

Со временем будет общий/расширенный сундук. Щас это не в приоритете. Есть оффлайн тул, в котором бесконечный общий сундук имеется (в гайдах ищи).
ЗЫ: Не, я не создатель, просто малость сведущий (и читающий форум).

PS: A little addition... As i replaying spear ama now - i hope you wll fix "fake" blood globes" fro GH and healing orbs from Hyena. It's not critical when you farming some horded place like cows or dunc (even if some of globes are fake - u will find single real globe to reload fury), but in other less crowded places it's painful when you think about getting fury and not get it because globe from GH is "visual-only".
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Love Sets change :)
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Primarch wrote:
Glamdring26 wrote:
Primarch wrote:
Scalewinged wrote:
mitekman wrote:Ещё основные квесты д2 удлиннили, в ультимативе были сокращены, для быстрой прокачки, а тут за одного перса приходиться по полдня тратить на прохождение даже 1сложности.

Говорили уже тысячу и один раз - сокращены были не для "быстрой прокачки", а потому что НЕЛЬЗЯ БЫЛО ИНАЧЕ сделать доп. уберы в Ульте (Ишари. Теганза, Ведьма, Ксазакс - все занимали квестовые локи 2/3 актов).

Primarch wrote:Can you comment on any potential plans of touching up the spearzon tree?

What's wrong with spearzon?... Skyrocket damage and defense, good farming skill, epic single target skill, even buff that can give you ultimate self-healing ability and negates needing in stacking lot of IAS..

You haven’t played Spearzon in the last 5 years, have you...?
The fact that you think TCD in any way makes up for a lack of block/dodge is laughable. Also, the self healing ability pales in comparison to eagle stance except you have less than half the HP of a barbarian.

Great hunt damage is decent single target but you don’t live long enough to take down any serious endgame Uber and it only hits 4 times, not even close to stormblast/Ancient’s hand in terms of damage and you don’t get the procfest.

Exactly how much content have you cleared as a spearzon in SIGMA? Now compare that to pretty much any premier class build.

I didn't played spearzon in sigma but your point of " TCD in any way makes up for a lack of block/dodge is laughable." seemed weird. There are tons of builds that doesnt use block/dodge and relies on life/defense that is very tanky.

Also comparing the healing ability to eagle stance seemed weird as well since there isnt a lot of build that uses eagle stance a lot. Some healing abilites are better than others, and thats a fact but it doesnt necessarily mean that they should all be same. Eagle stance for example. If you take that stance you sacrifice the option to use the other stances since they are invested enough. Losing bear stance for defense or losing wolf stance for offansive abilities.

Same goes for stormblast/Ancient's hand. Those are one of the best single target skills in the game. Comparing something to them seems odd to me.

But that's the point of a comparison. He claimed that Spearzons have great survivability because of pool-based life regen/high armor rating and that their single target damage is great (Great Hunt) and i'm saying "Compared to what?" I used the barbarian as an example of why that statement is patently false. Are you referring to ranged/caster builds? I'm simply comparing one melee build to another.

An absolute top-of-the-line Spearzon has roughly 1.3m defense and ~12-13k HP (curare). a similarly geared Barb has around 30k HP and 1.1-1.2m Defense.

I'm aware it isn't a direct apples to apples comparison but that disparity is the key focus here. The disparity between two different melee class builds and their potential.

A level 50 hyena strike Regenerates 100 percent Life in 6.64 seconds and gives 20%DR. That's 12-13k hp in ~7 seconds. That's around almost 2k HP per second regenerated.

A level 50 Eagle Stance (23 hard points 27 soft) Regenerates 100 percent Life in 14.84 seconds. That's ~30k hp in ~15 seconds. That's also 2k HP per second but with more than double the HP bar and you don't have to worry about reapplication as well as physically running to retrieve a health orb (sometimes the collision bugs too). In addition, if you toss spirit walkers on the barb, you receive 600% mana regen(from eagle stance) * (1/18%) Damage Reduction, which exceeds the 20 you'd receive from Hyena Strike.

As you've already stated, those are some of the best single target abilities in the game. So a beast with two and a half times as much HP and potentially the same amount of LR is gifted with such strong single target abilities. Spearzon gets the worst of both worlds. I know I sound like I have an axe to grind but I truly don't understand how anyone that's played Spearzon in recent years can claim they excel in any capacity. Their farming ability in P3+ slows to a crawl in areas like Fauzt and you can clear just as fast with many other builds that also happen to be more versatile.

In addition, Spearzons suffer from horrible gearing options. You're practically forced into using Helepolis for The DR and the selection of spears is pretty much limited to 1. Then you have to juggle poison penetration (awkward to build around) while melee Barbs can just play with their dick and massacre endgame in TU's.

Can you name a build in a worse state than Spearzons right now in terms of versatility and overall excellence in their primary speciality?

Nagisin. No damage(ways sucks ass, it should deal damage since its a glass cannon char), no surviveability(predictible)
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When will there be additional information? I'm sure everyone can't wait to find out! :coolstorybob:
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Wait... there is no other (extra) barbarian nerfs? I feel this incomplete...
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kortt wrote:When will there be additional information? I'm sure everyone can't wait to find out! :coolstorybob:

+1 :bounce:
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matdoo wrote:
kortt wrote:When will there be additional information? I'm sure everyone can't wait to find out! :coolstorybob:

+1 :bounce:

+1 :flip: