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Disclaimer: this topic is a teaser and everything is subject to change. The full patch notes are released 2 days prior to new season.

Quest Overhaul

New and improved rewards for completing the original quests

Throughout Median XL's existence many of the original quests have been ignored by most players, rightfully so, as their rewards were outdated and not worth the trouble. Fast-forward 15 years and new engine changes have allowed us to add new rewards and improve many of the existing ones, to make the early progression smoother and more rewarding. We also used this opportunity to reward many of the essential items to the characters, in a more natural and fail-proof way. The new changes will make all quests worth doing and will be a nice addition for players of all skill levels.

Some of the changes include:
  • Catalysts: now drop from un-skippable bosses, one for each player, and will find their way in your inventory if you miss them
  • Arcane Crystals will be rewarded to all players for completing the long act 2 and 3 quests, on all difficulties!
  • Hellforge: the most useless MXL quest now has a chance to drop any normal or great rune as well as essences
  • The Countess: unlike the forge, her chest can't drop great runes - but you may be lucky enough to find a xis-enhanced rune
  • Griswold's Heart: this convenient chest piece will be granted to all players after the rescue of the infamous Deckard Cain



Six new trophies, trophy fragments & new restitution uniques

Last season players have expressed their dislike for bad RNG streaks when trophy farming, due to their low drop chance. To address this trophies are now composed of three identical fragments, which have a 7% chance to drop. The chance of getting nothing in 50 runs will be exponentially smaller and trophy hunters will have much more consistent results. But there are many more trophy-related changes, such as:
  • 6 new trophies: Belial, Valthek, Xazax, Baal, Void & Bremmtown, for a total of 20 trophies
  • The 3 free trophies (Akarat, Jitan and Primus) have been removed as they were already in the way of repeatable content
  • The Sleep
    The Sleep
    Required Level: 125
    Cube with Trophy to Awaken
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Maximum Fire Resist +(0 to 1)%
    Maximum Lightning Resist +(0 to 1)%
    Maximum Cold Resist +(0 to 1)%
    Maximum Poison Resist +(0 to 1)%
    : rebalanced all awakening recipes to be competitive. Can be trophied a second time with
    The Awakening
    The Awakening
    Full Plate Mail (Sacred)

    Defense: 11673 to 14304
    Required Level: 130
    Required Strength: 630
    Item Level: 130
    Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired)
    When Cubed with The Sleep, Enables an Additional Awakening
    (The Armor will be Disenchanted by the Recipe)
    5% Chance to cast level 50 Banish on Death Blow
    +(1 to 4) to All Skills
    50% Combat Speeds
    -(31 to 35)% to Enemy Elemental Resistances
    +200% Enhanced Defense
    +25 Maximum Stamina
    Magic Resist +5%
    Socketed (6)
  • All trophies now have unique custom art (credits to Inertia)
  • Restitution: new affix included in several new uniques such as
    Endless Pride
    Endless Pride
    Cap (Sacred)

    Defense: 1187 to 1201
    Required Level: 120
    Required Strength: 456
    Item Level: 130
    (Based on Restore Percentage)
    +2 to All Skills
    Total Character Defense +50%
    Maximum Elemental Resists +3%
    Cube with Trophy Fragment: Restore +20%
    +4 to Life (Based on Character Level)
    +2 to Mana (Based on Character Level)
    Elemental Resists +10%
    (1 to 50)% Magic Find
    Socketed (4)
    Gothic Plate (Sacred)

    Defense: (8308 - 9198) to (10078 - 11157)
    Required Level: 120
    Required Strength:
    Item Level: 130
    (Based on Restore Percentage)
    +50% Combat Speeds
    Physical Resist +15%
    Maximum Life +20%
    Cube with Trophy Fragment: Restore +4%
    25% Movement Speed
    Adds 15-25 damage
    5% Deadly Strike
    +(18 to 32) to Stormlord
    +(171 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
    Requirements +100%
    Socketed (6)
    . These fragmented items need to be restored with trophy fragments. The special stats increase proportionally to the restoration percentage, until they are fully repaired


Build Improvements

Balance changes and revamped multiple builds

As usual, there are multiple changes to many character builds. In this first segment of the character balance changes, we will showcase the most significantly altered trees:

Warlock Paladin

  • Mind Flay is now the level 1 skill and Tainted Blood is the level 24 skill
  • Mind Flay:
    • now starts at 1 beam, down from 2
    • damage increased by 100%
    • additional beams now shotgun targets in range
    • will now shock the primary target(s) for 1.5 seconds, reducing their lightning resist by 30%, magic resist by 20% and movement speed by 30%
  • Tainted Blood:
    • putting points in this skill now disables Grim Presence
    • now also grants +10 Energy Factor per Base Level and 25% of damage taken goes to Mana
  • Slayer:
    • next delay removed, damage increased by 20%
    • now have a 10% chance to cast Chain Lightning on Death Blow
    • This chain lightning deals 100% of your Mind Flay damage, hits 10 targets and inherits your lightning pierce
  • Symphony of Destruction:
    • is now correctly considered a ranged skill
    • now deals magic damage and attacks in a small area rather than a single target

Totem Necromancer
  • Totems:
    • no longer require a corpse to be summoned
    • now have 50% absorb to their own element
    • can be used on left mouse button
  • Fireheart Totem:
    • increased target seek range
    • tripled damage and changed casting frequency to 1/3 to reduce clutter
  • Stormeye Totem:
    • now casts a piercing nova, making it the first true aoe totem
    • increased damage
  • Soulbond: increased healing effect and effect range

Werebear Druid
  • Werebear Morph:
    • Treewarden form replaced, which can now be obtained as an oSkill or item stat
    • the new bear attack animation scales similarly to werewolf - attack speed on weapon becomes the primary stat
    • best possible endgame fpa now increased
  • Wildfire: increased damage by 25% and reduced mana cost
  • Idol of Scosglen: improved visuals and halved ND
  • Circle of Life:
    • is now a Druid Devotion Skill, and excludes the other 2 morph passives and Elfin Weapons
    • now gains faster hit recovery and block rate per hard point to adapt to new bear speeds
    • allows bear druid to gain attack rating from vitality in addition to dexterity


Elemental Damage

Improvements to elemental builds

The second part of the character balance changes focuses on improving the core three elements: fire, cold and lightning. The goal is to make midgame caster/elemental itemization better and more interesting. One way to accomplish this is by making elemental pierce more accessible at this stage.

The following Runes have been modified:
  • No: now gives -3% to enemy Poison Resist
  • Yul: now gives -3% to enemy Lightning Resist
  • Thai: now gives -3% to enemy Cold Resist
  • Rha: now gives -3% to enemy Fire Resist
  • Xar: now gives -2% to enemy Fire, Cold and Lightning Resists
  • The popular stats replaced in these runes have been moved to other runes

New Elemental Weapon Bases
  • Four reworked base items (One-Handed Melee, Two-Handed Melee, Bow, Class Specific) which have no base physical damage but spawn with elemental instead
  • Tiered variants spawn with flat elemental damage, growing exponentially with each tier
  • Sacred variants have 20% more elemental damage as a base than Tier 4 and also scale elemental damage based on the weapon's primary attribute
    • This scaling depends on three factors: Melee > Range, Two-Handed > One-Handed and Strength > Dexterity. E.g. Two-Handed strength melee weapons scale the most
  • Magic / Rare Affix Pool:
    • Affixes which are irrelevant (e.g. Enhanced Damage, Life Leech) do not spawn on these bases
    • Added several new affixes exclusive to these bases (e.g. crushing blow, life on striking, new procs)
  • Existing set, tiered and sacred unique variants have had their stats altered to work with the base change
  • Luck recipe has a chance of granting 20% attack speed instead of 20% enhanced damage on these bases
  • New proc exclusive to elemental bases: Life Spark - restores 3% of your maximum life. Spawns on attack and on striking


Dimensional Plane

A new endgame boss. Defeat Deimoss the Fleshweaver

Found at the end of the Dimensional Labyrinth, this boss will now reward you with the Dimensional Key charm.

It features a new gameplay mechanic, where the players can decide for themselves how difficult they want the fight to be. Based on this decision and a successful kill, your charm will have a different amount of stats. The harder the encounter you defeat, the better your rewards will be.

Note that the Star Chart and Dream Fragments, dropping from the mini bosses throughout the Labyrinth, will still be able to upgrade this charm.


Quality of Life

New container shortcuts, glide fixes and other

We spend a lot of time researching new quality of life features, which usually takes more than a single season. If we find ways to make the playing experience more convenient, we will work on implementing them. In the upcoming patch we have a few features which fit the bill:
  • Shrine Vessels and Arcane Clusters can now be right-clicked to collect all corresponding items in the inventory, stash and cube
  • The scrolling symbols, seen when launching the game with Glide, are now fixed (thanks to Aquila)
  • Mouse cursor teleportation when using Glide and moving the cursor to any side of the window is now fixed (also Aquila)
  • The main cube reagents now have their description displayed in a dialogue window, instead of on the item tooltip. To see more information about an item right-click it. Additionally, extra information has been added to some descriptions such as: jewelcrafting rune bonus and lucky upgrade effects


And more!

More unannounced features and changes...

This topic illustrates the main features of the upcoming patch, but there's a lot more to come. A demon named Zagraal has invaded the jungles of Teganze. You will need to defeat this new boss to obtain the treasure. Additionally, all of the 130+ dungeons have received notable changes, making the endgame more fair to all classes. There are huge improvements to 110+ leveling (this time for real), several new Sacred Uniques such as the
Hand of Rathma
Hand of Rathma
Wand (Sacred)

One-Hand Damage: 35 to 36
(Necromancer Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Dexterity: 166
Item Level: 125
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.06 per Dexterity)%
+1% Maximum Elemental Resists per Totem of that Element
+0.75% Physical Resist per Resurgence Base Level
Orb Effects Applied to this Item are Doubled
+50% Damage to Undead
-33% to Enemy Elemental Resistances
+(76 to 100)% to Summoned Minion Damage
+5000 Defense
Decrease Maximum Life -(10 to 15)%
Socketed (2)
, revamped Diablo fight and much more! This is all possible thanks to your support, so we want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for playing and being part of this community.

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Still no hope for rezz tho
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A question regard tainted blood. So it is impossible to have storm lord when you have grim presence?
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bettle morf?
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Sonicbdwa wrote:A question regard tainted blood. So it is impossible to have storm lord when you have grim presence?

No, tainted blood is now level 24 skill
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Very cool Marco!
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Damn this is hype. Can't wait, might have to call off work for this
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