Season 23 stats

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Season 23 stats

Classes lvl 115+


Season history (M17 lvl 120+ / Sigma lvl 115+)


Builds (approximation)


Classes distribution development


Secret/rare item and hard(ish) charms count (currently in the inv/stash or equipped)

0x Jewel of Luck
0x Mythic Cycle
0x Tyrael's Might
1x Azurewrath
1x Storm Blade
3x The Point of No Return
4x The Worshipper
11x Atomus
12x Maleficence
13x Golden Cycle
14x Desolation
14x Despondence
15x Celestial Sigil
20x Valthek's Command
22x Eye of the Storm
24x Natalya's Deception
25x Arkenstone
25x Black Hand Sigil
26x Undead Crown
27x Dark Pact
28x Signet of the Gladiator
31x The Buried Hawk
32x Khanduran Royal Pendant
33x Black Masquerade
35x Spirit Walker
42x The Grandfather
43x Shadowfang
47x Buriza-Do Kyanon
62x The Collector
68x Khazra Plate
90x Inarius' Rock
94x Suicide Note
135x Wishmaster
329x Cornerstone of the World

237x Sha'ad Rune
510x Auhe Rune
695x Xis Rune
1093x Qor Rune
1332x Krys Rune
2308x Ghal Rune
3676x Taha Rune

0x Mystic Shard
31x Dimensional Key
145x Vial of Elder Blood
294x Rathma's Supremacy
365x The Sleep
531x The Glorious Book of Median
572x Neutrality Pact
1071x The Ancient Repositories
1786x Corrupted Wormhole
1945x Astrogha's Venom Stinger
2439x Xazax's Illusion
2977x Crystalline Flame Medallion
3158x Soul of Kabraxis
5196x Demonsbane

8x The Glorious Book of Median [Trophy'd]
16x Corrupted Wormhole [Trophy'd]
41x Eternal Bone Pile [Trophy'd]
52x Astrogha's Venom Stinger [Trophy'd]
112x Soul of Kabraxis [Trophy'd]
128x Idol of Vanity [Trophy'd]
135x Cold Fusion Schematics [Trophy'd]
161x Azmodan's Heart [Trophy'd]
210x Silver Seal of Ureh [Trophy'd]
214x Legacy of Blood [Trophy'd]
234x Crystalline Flame Medallion [Trophy'd]
253x The Sleep [Trophy'd]
331x Demonsbane [Trophy'd]
775x Sunstone of the Gods [Trophy'd]

1x Astrogha Trophy
1x Nephalem's Sacrifice Trophy
2x Archbishop Lazarus Trophy
2x Lord of Lies Trophy
3x Kingdom of Shadow Trophy
3x The Triune Trophy
4x Viz-jun Trophy
7x Eve of Destruction Trophy
8x Heart of Sin Trophy
8x Xazax Trophy
10x Banisher of Light Trophy
14x The Veiled Prophet Trophy
15x Quov Tsin Trophy
19x Judgement Day Trophy
21x Legacy of Blood Trophy
35x Duncraig Trophy
52x Tran Athulua Trophy
118x Ghosts of Old Bremmtown Trophy

4x Archbishop Lazarus Fragment
12x The Void Fragment
20x Nephalem's Sacrifice Fragment
37x Yshari Sanctum Fragment
71x The Triune Fragment
81x Kingdom of Shadow Fragment
87x Astrogha Fragment
99x Lord of Lies Fragment
106x Xazax Fragment
115x Viz-jun Fragment
154x Eve of Destruction Fragment
219x Banisher of Light Fragment
219x Quov Tsin Fragment
245x Judgement Day Fragment
284x Legacy of Blood Fragment
333x The Veiled Prophet Fragment
354x Heart of Sin Fragment
483x Ghosts of Old Bremmtown Fragment
538x Duncraig Fragment
988x Tran Athulua Fragment


1x	Abyss
2x Ambush
1x Ancients' Hand
2x Angel of Death
3x Antimass
1x Arcane Swarm
1x Arcane Torrent
1x Arrow Swarm
2x ATMG Sentry
2x Avalanche
1x Backstab
2x Bane
2x Barrage
2x Batstrike
1x Beacon
1x Bear Claw
4x Bear Claw Nova
1x Bend the Shadows
1x Blade Barrier
3x Blade Spirits
2x Bladestorm
1x Blast Wave
1x Blink
2x Blood Thorns
1x Bloodspeaker's Mark
3x Body of the Savior
1x Boneyard
3x Brimstone
2x Call Henchman
1x Call Scavengers
1x Carnage
1x Cautious Strike
1x Colosseum
1x Cone of Cold
1x Crucify
1x Cyclone
3x Dark Power
1x Death Blossom
1x Death Shards
1x Deathgaze
1x Deathlord
2x Defender Spirit
2x Devil's Fang Totem
1x Devouring Cloud
1x Disco Inferno
1x Diseased Cattle
1x Doom
1x Dragon Wyrms
1x Drakemaw
2x Eagle Stance
2x Ecstatic Frenzy
1x Egg Trap
1x Electrobolt
1x Elemental Totem
2x Elvensong
2x Emerald Prison
2x Exorcism
1x Fairy Ring
1x Fire Elementals
1x Fire Fountain
1x Firedance
2x Flamefront
2x Flamestrike
1x Forked Lightning
1x Fortress
3x Freezing Gale
1x Frozen Breath
1x Frozen Crown
1x Frozen Orb
1x Frozen Soul
1x Fusillade
1x Gamma Field
1x Golden Calf
1x Guardian Spirit
1x Guided Chain
4x Hammer of Zerae
4x Hamstring
4x Harbinger
3x Hive
1x Hyena Strike
1x Champions of the Sun
1x Charged Strike
1x Charm
2x Cherubim
1x Ice Bolt Nova
1x Ice Elementals
1x Ice Lance
2x Iron Golem
2x Iron Spiral
1x Jinn
4x Jitan's Gate
2x Laughing Ghost
2x Lava Pit
1x Lemures
1x Lightning Fury
2x Lightning Shield
4x Lightning Wall
1x Liche Form
3x Lion Stance
1x Magic Missiles
2x Magnetic Field
1x Mana Pulse
2x Mana Sweep
2x Mana Tide Totem
1x Miasma
1x Moonstrike
1x Mythal
1x Night Hawks
2x Nightmare
1x Noctule
1x Nova Bomb
1x Nova Charge
1x Orb of Annihilation
3x Overpower
3x Parasite
1x Pentagram
1x Pestilence
3x Phalanx
1x Phase Bomb
2x Phoeni Wave
3x Poison Flash
1x Possess
2x Powder Keg
1x Protector Spirit
1x Psionic Storm
1x Pyroblast
1x Pyroclastic Flow
3x Queen of Blades
1x Rain of Bombs
2x Rain of Fire
2x Rampagor
1x Rapid Wyrmshot
1x Rapture
1x Rathma's Chosen
1x Ravage
1x Raven Flight
2x Razor Spines
2x Rotting Flesh
1x Rune of Mana
3x Sacred Armor
1x Sacrifices
1x Sanguine Covenant
3x Scattershot
6x Scorpion Blade
1x Scourge
2x Seal of Fire
3x Searing Glow
1x Shackles of Ice
2x Shadow Refuge
1x Shatter the Flesh
3x Shower of Rocks
1x Shunpo
1x Shuriken Flurry
1x Silver Dart
1x Singularity
1x Skeletal Flayer
1x Slayer
2x SMG
1x Soulshatter
1x Spiral Dance
1x Spirit of Vengeance
1x Splitfire
2x Spore Shot
1x Squall Gust
1x Squall Wave
3x Stampede
3x Static Spike
2x Static Ward
1x Storm Crows
1x Stormclash
1x Stormeye Totem
1x Summon Darklings
1x Summon Daystar
1x Summon Fallen
1x Summon Glowing Fungus
1x Summon Shock Beast
3x Summon Shredder
2x Summon Sinner
1x Summon Sirens
2x Summon Thunder Bear
1x Sun Strike
1x Supernova
1x Symphony of Destruction
2x Tainted Blood
1x Tempest
1x Terror Strike
1x Thorn Field
1x Thorn Wall
3x Thunder Slam
1x Thundercrack
1x Thunderstone
1x Time Strike
1x Time Wave
1x Timefield
1x Totembound Guardian
1x Twisted Claw
1x Typhoon Sentry
1x Unholy Armor
2x Venomcloud Totem
1x Venomous Spirit
3x Vessel of Retribution
2x Void Archon
3x Vortex
1x Whirlpool
1x Windform
2x Winter Avatar
1x Wolf Companion
3x Wolf Stance
1x Wraithsword
1x Wrath
2x Wychwind - TSW realm stats (& Quests, NotArmory, HC chars)
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11x Atomus seems pretty high, how many have dropped previous seasons?
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It is all greek to me. But I am new to the XL game. Found it little while ago.
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Hope to see a sorceress on top this next season.
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keiththebeef wrote:Hope to see a sorceress on top this next season.

Gonna try! Looks like I'll be going with the mana sorc. Torrent/Immersion until I get Valthek's
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Is a list of current existing runewords possible?
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0x Tyrael's Might

LOL at all the people who thought they would find one :)
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astrogha trophy 1 ? i solo farm 2x haha
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n-gave13 wrote:astrogha trophy 1 ? i solo farm 2x haha

currently in the inv/stash or equipped
Thunder Beetle
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Where are Season 22 Stats / Build Distribution?