Σ 2.7.0 Announced

Game news and forum updates
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Disclaimer: this topic is a teaser and everything is subject to change. The full patch notes will be released 2 days prior to the new season.

Solo Self Found Mode

Official support for SSF Median is coming to The Sin War!

  • Characters created while this mode is enabled will only be able to join games made by your other SSF characters
  • SSF characters will also, naturally, be excluded from auctions
  • You can also permanently migrate your SSF character to non-SSF (but not vice versa)

Separate Ladder rankings for SSF will be coming on the TSW website soon


Dungeon Quests

The Dungeon Refresh Program Marches on

Binding of Baal
  • Removed Baal morph as it was prone to desync and caused problems with player skills
  • This quest now recreates the battle inside Tal Rasha, between his soul and Baal's, that took place before the events of the game
  • The immunity shield of the Horadric minions will now only protect Tal Rasha's spirit at close range instead of everywhere
  • The fight is split into four phases against each of the aspects of Tal Rasha's soul: Valor, Wisdom, Tenacity and Vengeance
  • Each form has different abilities and brings new challenges
  • As the battle is now longer than before, the charm reward will now always drop with maximum rolls

Renamed Uber dungeons to Heroic, a more appropriate name for the content with a nod to nostalgia

Infernal Machine (Heroic)
  • New dungeon quest, requires level 122
  • The Infernal Machine casts more skills, the undead hordes are significantly more durable, and drops Greater Oils of Alchemy
  • Quest instructions are found on freshly dropped Optical Detectors
  • Upon completion, transmuting a Mark of Victory will double the charm's stats


New Builds and Skills

Big changes in store for Druids, Paladins and Sorceresses

Seer Druid
  • Hurricane and its upgrade have been retired from the tree but remain as an oSkill
  • Added a pair of new skills to increase build cohesion, theme, and power:
    • Frigid Domain:
    • A buff that periodically releases waves of cold, dealing damage and slowing enemies
    • Slow effect scales with base points and cold spell damage up to a cap of 30%
    • Armageddon:
    • Makes a comeback, raining meteors that deal high fire damage in a large area
    • Damage scales from both strength and energy

Ritualist Paladin
  • Will now embrace the powers of fire and frost in unison with devastating effects
  • Added two new upgrade skills to the tree, which allow you to specialize either your Lemures or Blood thorns for single target damage
  • Greatly reduced the maximum base level of the passives, leaving you with more points to boost damage via new synergies

Paladin Quality of Life
  • Vindicate duration now scales with character level, up to 3 minutes
  • Nephalem Paladins can now gain the effect of both their buffs with a single cast, piano begone

  • All builds will receive a significant upgrade to mobility with Superposition now in the Arcane tree on a 2 second cooldown
  • Mooncall no longer restricts users to melee, helping enable funky new ranged weapon damage builds.

Many more balance changes and optimizations for other builds will be included in the full patch notes


Quality of Life

Multiple improvements to the endgame experience

  • Catalyst of Transference can now convert up to 10 shrines at once
  • Oils of alchemy now have charges to help conserve inventory space
  • Riftwalker bosses will now give you a debuff icon if you have failed their challenge
  • Legion of the damned optional difficulty modifiers can now be activated with poison damage
  • Astrogha Spider Statues can now be selected by auto target skills
  • Improvements to Winter Storm desync during the Scosglen final battle


And more!

There are more changes not listed in this announcement including:
  • Buffs to numerous underused items
  • New Mirror Temple set rotation - Zerae's Divinity, Witchhunter's Attire, Gathering of the Tribes, Lone Wolf's Path, Rathma's Empire, Malthael's Sanctuary, The Warmage
  • More interesting Nithogur relics and doing away with pure power boosts of old

Check our Discord for regular leaks on the new patch!

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I love playing SSF pretty often... is there any differences for SSF characters beyond their own ladder? Thanks for the continuing patches!
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Really love to see this mod continue to get updated. I don't play it as often as I used to but the updates really help to keep each playthrough fresh.
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I love you Marco
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Everything good here. No massive changes (completely fair for a minor version), but solid as were the last patches :-D

Will be interesting to see how the light tree changes with Superposition gone as the payoff skill.

Happy to see dev support of SSF!
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My day just got a lot better thanks to you :) Hype Hype Hype!
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Paladin buffs! Haven't played lemures yet but I knew it was already fairly strong even before buffs. Will be interesting to see now.

Also, caster sustain buffs please?

Weapon damage dominates everything in labs because of sustain.
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Ok now, please humor old person... Whats SSF? I know its Solo Self Found but what is that mean? Is it just normal playthru with..ermm what u find without buying items from our Auction House?