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Before reporting please provide this information if there's an error:
- are you playing on single player or on TSW realm
- how do you run the game (normally, D2SE, Launcher, other)
- are you using any 3rd party tools (D2Stats Reader, custom font, etc.)
- please provide the error code

Error 2239

AllHailNibbler wrote:Halt
Error Line @2239
expression : Unrecoverable internal error 6fd5c664

Please read troubleshooting here:

Character crashes on save with PlugY. I added MXL.dll to the DLL to Load line.


PlugY only works when using it with D2SE. If you have downloaded Diablo 2 from then neither D2SE nor PlugY work at the moment.
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*Copied from other topic:
Don't see a bug thread for 1.3 yet. Used launcher for the update. (Seemed like a super small update MB wise. Like, 20MB.)

Mark of the Wild is lasting longer than 60 seconds.
My henchie isn't gaining experience. Killed blood raven, then immediately bought new higher level (7) Priestess. I've gotten 3 levels, her experience hasn't changed. Currently level 12.

Also, Mana Pulse tooltip makes no mentions of the changes. I do see the change though.

Edit: Having played on Realm now, Mark of the Wild is only 20 seconds where as change log I thought said 60. My Henchie, did exact same thing as sp, bought level 7 priestess, she only has 8 all res, and is not gaining experience and seems much weaker than sp variant. My friend who did NOT buy a henchie after killing blood raven said the one given to him is leveling but also did not have 75 all res.
Also, D2Stats is reading 40% melee dodge instead of the new 30% Projectile dodge while in wolf form. It seems like something didn't transfer right during the update?

So far so cool though, guess I reneged on not playing. Hah.
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TSW realm
D2stats 3.9.6

Scorpion blade still fires 2 projectile, animation atleast
The poison cloud doesnt seem to be working either, only the primary target hit by the attack gets poison, atleast visually
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@above There was a problem with some of the servers not having the latest patch. This should now be fixed.
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Spoted issue with MotW too. For me it neverending buff... i just done whole a2 and stood in a3 for like 10 min in afk and MotW that i applied at very start of game session still not disappeared.
PS: Had same issue on sp before ladder reset.
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When I Click in reveal map, the map is getting deleted. When I teleport, map is getting deleted also.

Playing Single player, normal mode windows 10 w wxp sp2 compatibility
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Single player, D2SE, PlugY, no other 3-rd party tools. Just tested opening portal to the new quest from a different locations: every time it opens portal to the existing location that can be accessed through the red portal if such portal is presented for that region (e.g., Frozen Tundra - portal to the Infernal Pit).
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Edit: fixed
Edited by afGSXR 8 months.
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bear stance doesn't list how much damage reduced is but it does show in d2stats so it works its just not in tooltip.

playing on tsw realm, only with d2stats, and not using launcher to start client.
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Seems like all that fixes and changes made to mercs forces them to forget how to teleport to player if he lost too far.
Example on screenshot: he can't cross river and i left him there..... it was last time i ever seen him until i got tp back to town (blink will cure it too ofc)


PS: Yep. it happened before this patch but it wasn't as frequently as it happening now. In this patch i never saw merc nearby for longer than 1-2 min, so it happening all the time when they're lost. Screenshot i got is from testing i made for purpose.