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We're happy to announce that after months in the making, we have provided translations for Median XL. Though this is still a Work-in-Progress project by the community, we have determined that the following languages below are ready for release.
There may still be bugs or grammatical issues present in these translations, so for this reason this announcement will act as a Bugs/Feedback thread for translations as well.
These translations are maintained by members of the community voluntarily, so these translations may not be completely up to date upon the next patch and mistakes will be expected.
To become a translator (though we are currently not in need of any translators for the currently maintained languages), see Requirements for becoming a translator for more.
Do not post bugs and feedback that are unrelated to translations, post them in this thread instead: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=23335

Languages updated to 2.0:

Chinese translated by CaiMiao - Download , Alternative Download (Simp only) Image (Both Simplified and Traditional Chinese)
Polish translated by MY4SG4, Nasghar and Hubix - DownloadImage (need testing)
Russian translated by Anhe1 and Kambala - Download Image

Spanish translated by Seekers, XanderTheOne, Jforte, Ignacius and Diaco - Download Image
French translated by Wasp and Rumblealex - Download , Feedback Image
Italian translated by Loki86 (testing phase) - Download Image

Languages under this won't be revived unless there is a community effort in place which updates it to the current patch, similar to what happened with the Polish translation (which the effort was done using a public GitHub repository).
German translated by Gavin_K88, Madtrick, Medifrag, Femigaming and Fbkkrieger

Installation is relatively simple, download your preferred language, put the file (an MPQ, do not open this MPQ) within the Diablo 2 folder where Sigma is installed, and then go to the Launcher Settings and set your preferred Game Language. These are text only translations.
Thanks to CallMeCrazySam for a installation video for translations:

Special thanks to:
Wasp for initiating translations as a community project.
Whist for helping code the game to allow better support for translations.
Kambala for his Qtbleditor tool.
CaiMiao for additional tools.
Athudes for providing assistance on the Russian translation

Special Notes
Some parts of the languages (like base items, unique names, rifts, dungeons, etc...) have not been translated to allow for searching in the Docs and minimal issues in D2Stats.

Any non-translation related Bugs and Feedback please report in the Bugs and Feedback thread for the current season or use our GitHub Issue Tracker

- Ensure that you do not crash in the same scenario with no translation selected.
- Check that you are using the latest version of the translation. (It does not auto-update)

Requirements for becoming a translator:
- Must be able to use the software Qtbleditor (very simple to use program)
- Familiarity with Git or Gitlab is preferred, future translators must use our Gitlab repository (instructions provided within)
- Discord is our preferred platform of communication
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Thank you for those translations. Will you be updating them? I noticed all languages has not translated skill tree names, items names, some enemies names and signet of learning in character tab. Will you be fixing it?
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It's related with documentation/guides and other tools like D2stats . Many of players couldn't get full experience of Sigma with full translations for now.
Like translated names of Veteran Monsters and their drops. If you don't know which monsters and items to look for you will miss thing like Veteran challenge . So Translations requires sections on site/forum to be 100% players friendly.
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@MY4SG4 love u :*
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After installing the translation (RU), Custom Font (Author: Unknown) stops working. Is there a solution? Not comfortable to read standard font.
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Danke sir work like ciastko z kremem + coffe do tego
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Really? Thanks !
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I always played the game in Russian but I know a little English and the only thing that requires translation in my opinion is just the names of objects and locations. Please add a file version with full translation of everything, let people decide what they need
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I have problem..

when I want to see the equipment, it crashes me with an error.
Polish spol[url]Image[/url]

ok, its work! Open game Laucher and click play.
I click icon Diablo2.exe < not work.
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yeah nice ! thanks for this!