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I just play Median V15C and now i play Sigma can't find some things.My English is not very good so if you can't understand what I say , tell me.

1.How can I get "Belladonna Elixir" now ? I need it to reset my properties and spell.
2.I don't find PlugY and i only one page in the warehouse. Is it normal ? Possibly i can get more page in game?
3.I kill the unique skeleton don't drop Role ball , it is removed?

I am very troubled now, need your help :(
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1. Supposedly they're only drops now; but I'm not sure where. Completed first act on three characters, got up to Act Five on Nightmare, never once found a single Belladonna Extract. If you're on multiplayer, you can trade for one. If single-player, well, good luck.

2. PlugY was removed in Sigma. More stash pages is planned, maybe shared stash too I think? We'll see I guess. Muling can be done via two instances of Diablo II, TCP/IP Game. Did it repeatedly, super easy process.

3. Same deal, 'cept removed a long time ago. I think in the 2017 patch?
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I paid 10$ for this.
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Ifound 2 belladonna in cow Level in hell
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Belladonna = Cow Level (Hell)? (as lots of "junk" drops there, and if "Bella" could be dropped there, then the chances should be good with amt of mobs).
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Belladonna is no longer considered to be a junk drop, it was the case prior to the Sigma release but now it's not. There is no point in grinding Cow Level exclusively for it.
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I've only ever found it in Hell difficulty just playing the game, but I've only ever found maybe 3-4 and I'm lvl 111.
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I haven't found any Belladonna yet at 106 so they must be somewhat rare.
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Dantares wrote:I've only ever found it in Hell difficulty just playing the game, but I've only ever found maybe 3-4 and I'm lvl 111.

Im 137 and i think i found 4 solo and maybe 2-3 more in groups.

Rng is rng at the end of the day.
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I found Belladonna Elixir in the monastery dungeon act 1 on normal difficulty, all my 3 characters got the elixir in the same place easily!
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belladonna is just a random drop which really really sucks for anyone who plans on playing a class that uses multiple builds. I'd like them to add in a specific place where it can be farmed, somewhere in mid hell. I can't actually test builds or talent trees right now because of it's scarcity which really sucks. Getting together a set of TU(4) isn't extremely difficult just time consuming, but the ability to test different variants of it on ubers is non existant without reliable rerolls. (currently I've found 2, with a 110 sorc and a 104 sin). I probably won't even play my sin anymore till i can get a reliable amount given the severe lack of mid game survival they have (ubers outright melt them)