Malice-Melee Necromancer?

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I admire Median's attitude of, "any spec is playable" attitude but the Necromancer ability, Pestilence, has me stumped.

Unlike nearly all other castable spells which are synergy-buffed by energy, the tooltip for Pestilence (a poison type spellcast) says it is buffed by Strength and Dexterity.

This would encourage, I think, a very unique Malice-Melee build as a Necromancer. Except that of course, Deathlord, the necessary buff for melee necromancers, prohibits you from using malice spells. I feel that either Deathlord should allow malice spell usage or Pestilence should be synergy-buffed by Energy.

Has anyone made a Malice-Melee Necromancer using Pestilence?
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You can cast pestilence while buffed with deathlord.
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While pestilence may be cast whilst buffed by deathlord, I found it to be a lackluster skill with points better devoted to other skills if you were to play a melee necro. Though this was last season and necro was changed somewhat, though, I'm not sure if pestilence was touched.