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Rust Claw
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How long time until the ladder resets?
I work and i do not have much time to play.
So i am afraid not to farm everything because the ladder will reset again.
and market for non ladder i dont think exist.
Small community
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Prices already rock bottom TG wise and previous season was only a few months

Seems like insiders know something hmmm..
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I played much less this ladder. All my favorite builds were all nerfed. Don't want to start new builds knowing they are too hard/time consuming in the end, not very rewarding.
Jungle Hunter
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Every 3 months allegedly. Last reset was late April. Although, they rescaled the leveling and it seems a LOT of people got hung up on lvl 140...idk how theyll reset without even 1 lvl 150 character. Idk if they messed up the leveling system or what. They didnt want it to be easy which i like, but now i guess it's too hard? And since the community is small i cant even find an 8 player game to lvl up in atm.