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Hey, I hope you don't mind if I repost the post that I made in the other feedback thread shortly before it was closed.


Hi, I am clueso and I am a Median 2018 and Median MXL classic veteran. On the old MXL forums I was a regular user with over 3000 posts in total and I also wrote several guides, including this one here for a Broadside Assassin (just to give you my credentials): ... hp?t=14236

I stopped playing MXL about 10 years ago and shifted my focus to other things, but now for Sigma I have recently returned and I want to give some feedback, probably over several posts, because that is kinda my style.

First off: the game is really, really great in too many aspects to praise here.

But now to the disappointment that caused me to write this post almost impulsively:


What have you done to the Assassin's skill Beacon in the latest patch?
I always loved that skill ever since it was first introduced, especially because it was visually so extremely pleasing... but now? Why did you remove the animation almost completely?

It was always extremely satisfying when that big bomb went off, but now it is just boring. Can you please bring the old animation back? It was just sooo satisfying...

plz bring back the old animation:


And while we are already on the topic of the skill Beacon, now that the new engine allows for individual casting delays/cooldowns, have you thought about turning Beacon from a semi-passive skill into an active skill that you can target and control when and where the bomb goes off?

I can understand that the skill would be too powerful if it would always drop exactly where you target it, but somewhat in the targeted area could maybe be possible I would say if enemies would take more damage from it the close they are to the center of the explosion, which therefore would give you an incentive to lure them into it, while still not making the skill too OP.

This would be my feedback for now, but more on other things will eventually follow.

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Poison sorc scaling might need adjusted early - mid game and then remain as endgame is. Lorenado in early/mid should be dealing maybe 50% more damage than current (I've seen this scaling buff like on mindflay recently where its buffed early and then evens back out to late game around blvl 28 or whatever), and Carpet of Spiders is really challenging for early bosses before you gain access to pierce.

On note, maybe shrine drop needs a little small buff through terror to compensate for casters not having access to pierce unless they have a skill like unholy melee paladin getting free capped pierce. Problem is there's no midgame farming because there's such the incentive to move to hell ubers, so no one is going to farm nightmare k3k ennead challenge for shrines cause there's no progress with half decent drops or anything
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Please remove the " Reduces army size by 50% " From Veil king. Really a huge nerf to necro summoner!

No fun going around with just a few minions just to have Veil King, really sucks. Huge disapointment!
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Guys are you really kidding me or is it just a bug? :P
Just destroyed my +5 sk +4 bloodlust claw via recraft while searching for limpet/atmg.
I found limpet. And i found ATMG.
And í can't use it (on TRAP sin). :-]
It's not so easy to get good bases/shrines (and then good roll on craft) on HC ladder so i'm bit disappointed.
Is it supposed to be like that?
If yes so why the heck i can see the limpet in changelog's TRAP section?
If that's the bug can you please reveal info on ETA of bugfixes?
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So I am playing with a friend of mine just starting out, and his drops in den of evil and stony field are showing level requirements at way to high of a level. A yellow skull cap is showing a level requirement of 24 and a blue cap is displaying level 32 required. He is a level 7 druid so these make no sense especially since for me they display with level 2 and 1 requirements. Has anyone else seen this bug happen?
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Why was the cooldown for catalyst trap increased to 20 seconds? That just means more waiting around until it's ready again. Doesn't make sense tbh.
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catalyst trap cooldown increase has ruined this build, why was it not announced or anything? this build is nearly worthless now. over 1k tg invested and now this build is nearly unplayable, over 80% of trap damage is tied to catalyst trap. this build is 100% reliant on catalyst and even at 10 second CD it felt far too long for certain bosses and small/tight areas. there is very little in the ways of scaling that I can do to improve my damage further and without catalyst I'm pretty much limited to 118 and lower areas, takes far too long to clear otherwise. if this is a permanent change there either needs to be a way to further scale trap damage, or lower the cooldown on catalyst. when over 70% of your damage is tied to that skill it makes no sense to lock you out of it for 20 seconds.
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Let me preface this by saying I'm not a game dev/balance designer, and these are just my thoughts.

The change to Catalyst Trap being 20s would be fine if our Traps had enough damage to clear packs of monsters efficiently on their own without Catalyst.

However, they don't, Catalyst Trap is necessary to clear packs of monsters. Therefore patch 1.2.2's changes to the aforementioned created the situation that I'm waiting ~15 seconds before moving on to from one pack of enemies to the next. This is not fun. I think Catalyst Trap can be nerfed in a different way that doesn't impact the flow of the build.

I assume the change was to make Catalyst Trap more of something that you use for bosses. Repeating myself here but I think Catalyst trap can have a long cooldown so long as it's not required to clear regular packs of monsters effectively.

I thought, if Catalyst Trap was to be nerfed, that the following would occur:

Catalyst trap cooldown increased to 30s
Catalyst damage bonus decreased by X% per base level (From 10% per base level down to 7% or something)
Incineration Trap damage increased by Y%
Shockwave Trap damage increased by Z%

The damage increase to Incinerate + Shockwave being enough to clear regular packs of monsters without requiring Catalyst. Even if the damage after the above changes WITHOUT Catalyst ended up being some less damage than patch 1.2.1 Traps + Catalyst was, it should feel good to play, as I thought Catalyst was already adding far too much damage to be healthy (My character was blowing up any and all regular packs of monsters nearly instantly with Catalyst, for example, that was too much damage).

I hope you reconsider the changes made with patch 1.2.2, as they've unfortunately only made the build feel sluggish and not fun. A build that doesn't require Catalyst to clear regular enemies I think would feel much better to play, while opening up Catalyst trap to help shred down single target enemies.

Thanks for considering our feedback.
Edited by Seablaster 1 year.
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Not many choices to improve dmg for trap, except some trophys bonus. Bullshit crafts, SUs,...Without catalyst trap, dmg is joke in uber areas. I hope larger radius of catalyst trap can be a good idea.