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46/50, am i a good player :( ?
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Jungle Hunter
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Monkey King
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Oh shit, I didn't check my score. I missed a couple due to single player and old version.

[edit] I also messed up on poison damage, that never made sense to me.
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Rust Claw
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Marco wrote:We've been working on a quiz aimed at helping players (both new and experienced) learn everything about mechanics in a somewhat entertaining way. This includes mechanics from both the original game and MXL, but keep in mind some numbers have changed ;)

This quiz is not meant to be a competition, so there is no point in looking up the answers. Just do your best, and at the end you will be able to see which ones you got right or wrong, with a detailed explanation in either case.

Median XL Knowledge Quiz:

Note: as time goes on, we can replace the easiest questions with new ones. If you have an idea about a relevant topic for a question, or some question/answer needs updating, please post here.

Special Thanks: beta testing team & mortimer_85 for testing.

Wouldn't it work a way better to apply sorta *Book of Cain* into MXL: Sigma? It is said you *love* hardcoding, so anyway . . .
I'm not complaining - in fact, I don't play Sigma at all. Merely, I'm trying to persuade you to do something more than nerfing everything into a flat d2lod by adding some new stff to the mod content instead.

Just a question ;)
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A few of these questions seem kinda pointless like "when can sets drop" doesnt really matter once they do drop you will pick them up <3
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69/50 ggez
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20/50 Guh!
Hopefully I retain something. I swear I was the most confident on the poison mechanic. 200+200=400 for (4+2)/2=3 seconds. But it was 450 for 2 seconds! I failed you poison damage guide! :cry:
Dark Huntress
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quiz is not up to date anymore, there is no extra experience for more than 1 player in game anyxmore