Strength Werewolf viability

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Hi guys! :) :)
I used to play this game around 2017-2018 and was a huge fan of str wolf. After coming back I've realized that str build is far weaker than dex build due to lack of ice damage (which sucks). :( :(
Is there any way to play str wolf like before, or we're sticking to dex wolf from now on? I really miss the 1-pointer style with zero f*ck given :bounce:
I'm currently lvl 127, been farming for gears and find the dex build a bit complicated (SU items and crafting options),
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I don't think STR build is any less viable. The DEX build has become a strong alternative though. There are pros and cons to both.
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STR build is more than fine, just go full phys and you might even out damage a cold wolf.
The biggest advantage dex have is you get 75% block.
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STR Wolf still good. Also runs off one xis rune.

I'm still under the impression dex wolf is ass until you get Cold Blood, but if someone can show footage of him trashing stuff in lesser gear i'll reconsider. Good alternative once you get that sword though.