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First off, I would like to say thank you for such an awesome Mod, you guys all rock!
Ive been playing off and on for years, but never made a forum account until a year ago.
But this past year I started getting seriously into it!

With this said, over time I will add some new ideas to this thread that I think would make the game more intensely fun while also challenging and engaging too!

Idea #1
Rift stone idea
Possibly make it where you can cube a Charm fragment to increase the density and a hair harder, to experience more of a drop rate increase, and add more special unique things that wouldn't be in a normal rift. I chose a fragment because they are not super common normally, I think it would be interesting to add something like, "Increase mob Density 20%" and "Increase Drops of Uniques 10%" stuff like that and maybe make different fragments do different things as well! For instance: "-10% Element resistance" or "Unique Bosses are 5%-10% more hard" but likely to drop more!

So far this is what me and a few buddies have discussed
Feel free to give me Feed back too!
Like I said, I will add more ideas over time as well!

Thank you for reading!