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After beating Baal in Single Player (Normal) my character file is corrupted. The char has now Bad Inventory Data and is therefore not compatible with the current version.
I started on version 2.01 and there has been no update since.
Well, has anyone the same issue? Anyone got any ideas how to fix it, besides not playing single player anymore?
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I got the same issue after clearing act 1 in NM/ lvl 68 necro. unknown cause. i backed up at lvl 36 so im not entirely screwed but nervous about even playing. hoping for a hot fix soon!
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Has happened again to me in NM again. suddenly couldnt unequip gear. Necro Melee. idk if it matters
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Same issue for me.
Dark Huntress
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just happened to me in normal just after getting outer cloister waypoint with a bow hunter druid.
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I am getting random c0000005 unhandled exception error when accessing stash / shared stash in single player. No corrupted characters yet though
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hi got the same problem. i played singleplayer with my sorc. and after mephisto i wanted to upgrade an item with the dropped arcane stone. after that the game crashed and now when i try to continue playing it says :" Bad Inventory Data. This Character is not compatible with this version of MedianXL
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Same. A2 normal UHM paladin stuck with Bad Inventory Data :(
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Same here, Level 20 Barb end of act 1 , Bad inventory Data :wall:
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I have posted in the patch notes my full thoughts on this, but I just have to scream more in order for the devs to prioritize this over any other bug. It is absolutely unacceptable for people to spend hours playing the mod only for their characters to brick permanently, this cannot get any worse. I understand that some things can glitch out, game crash and so on, but to lose your entire character is just insane.

I would not touch the game until this gets addressed asap.