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HI guys.
Haven't played Median for quite a while. What are the strongest sorc builds nowadays?
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Leveling: Melee, Cold (don't even try Lightning this patch, zero damage at low levels)
Farming: Lightning, Poison
Bossing: Cold
Warp Blade (Sacred)

One-Hand Damage: 49 to 86
(Sorceress Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Dexterity: 400
Item Level: 105
Dexterity Damage Bonus: (0.13 per Dexterity)%
Innate Tri-Elemental Damage:
(40.0% of Dexterity)
Area Effect Attack
25% Chance to cast level 50 Magic Missiles on Melee Attack
+(3 to 5) to Sorceress Skill Levels
50% Attack Speed
Adds 400-500 Magic Damage
Adds 400-500 Fire Damage
Adds 400-500 Lightning Damage
Adds 400-500 Cold Damage
-(25 to 35)% to Enemy Elemental Resistances
10% Chance to Avoid Damage
Socketed (6)
Melee, Cold

Fire and Mana are definitely also good builds, and there are a handful of solid but expensive oskill builds (Phoenix Wave, Glacial Nova), but these are probably the ones you want to start looking at.
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Best farmer is fire apoc oksill sorc
Cold/mele for bossing

Any build is really viabl but apoc is speed/range (full screen lock) cold is damage but low range
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lvl: Cold/Fire/Lightning, always be away from melee, melee has only one use: do sam 11 mins' bonus quest in late game if ur mana/cold cant do it comfortably.
Late game:
Fire(cheap, high labs viable, dont go those oskill versions such as Phoenix Wave, is they are not cheap, the other is they just stop at scos, labs awkward)
Lightning(labs awkward)
Cold(sam viable, not cheap but really good, need to go voidstar from Despondence staff in high labs)
Mana(very good as long as u can afford the relics and plenty
Zayl's Soul Orb
Zayl's Soul Orb
Mystic Orb

Right-Click to Apply
2% to Energy
+100 to Mana
Half Freeze Duration
+10 Required Level
, sam viable, labs viable)
Melee(Why melee in late game? Scos awkward, boss killing awkward, labs awkward..... Cant be compared to other sorc builds mentioned above in late game. Just forget about melee sorc in current version. Maybe u can try it in 2.3 if devs are kind enough to show some love for melee sorc in 2.3 which I highly doubt about)
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Thanks for thorough explanation!
Curious u didnt mention pois sorc which I ve heard been praised a lot
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Killing bosses as Melee isn't awkward at all?
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Apocalypse sorc is awesome farmer and can do scosglen
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Fire Sorc rules.

One of the few builds that has solid AoE and solid single-target damage.
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Did play fire all the way or leveled as something else?
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paolo12 wrote:Did play fire all the way or leveled as something else?

fire from 1-140