Psionic Storm Assassin

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helve13 wrote:Idk man, I think this build cant get well to end game, requires alot of umo and relics to get job done, mine is 11k hp and 26k dmg without umo and good relic as you shown below cause its expensive af, and the weakness is no su ssu do really support this build, still stick with the set build with rw dawn, elementals resist is suck for this build, adding ele resist gems to socket reduce so much dmg. I think as a sff player this build cant get 28k + dmg without tg investing. Well hope they will give a buff for this next patch. This probably the most interesting build in my opinion.

I agree, I don't think this build is great for ssf. Using the set can be really powerful for quite a while though. I think it really shines with UMOs and a couple of relics though, which you'll need to acquire through trading. I got my sin to around 35k damage and 11.5k hp in the end. It could be pushed further, but that would require a big tg investment.[/quote]