Limpet Laser Sin

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Grasshopper wrote:For Butcher (as LL spec) the summons are coming from switching to use Dar-Al-Harb shield instead of 2 Spellgrips?

The moment you can use the shield you use it until the end of time.
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I think this is the most concise and neatly organized assassin guide (and probably best overall guide imo :thumb: ) so I'm going to post my comment here cause it's related to Nitz's throwing and poison build extras.

I want to hear people's thoughts on scorpion blade skill changes in new patch. I've had a lot of fun and success with it after learning and changing up a few things regarding poison damage. I'm just a casual player so I'm curious what "pro" players think about it if they tried

for me the biggest takeaways with scorpion blade were:
0. Reading poison damage wiki link on this site to get a baseline understanding

1. NOT using QoB (the low %wpn damage overrides your other poison damaging skill sources)

2. Using % increase poison skill duration orbs on jewelry is good (more chance for 1 and done hit when hitting.. and then running)

3. Use items with on kill procs
3.5 I tried several of the good su/ssu/sssu throwing knives and various crafts and all are good but damn the su throwing knife (mechief's iron parrot or w/e) and it's broadside proc are amazing (plus the other stats like good ed%, added damage, mf, dex, life steal%, reani). It's not the normal broadside but it's good enough to knock out at least 1-2 nearby enemies.. and by the time it triggers only guys left are poison immunes.

4. Max WotS, get as much -enemy poison as possible (from crafts, etc), i have -99% because of need to balance with other stats but you can still be mostly effective with as much as -50% (every added -% is Key so keep rerolling crafts to get highest possible roll)
4.5 Max WotP and try to get as much -fire resist within reason (some cheap sin set/su items have both fire/poison -resist stats) to help deal with immunes. i had -40% to -60% depending on specific item mix

5. I put 18-24 points to MkrV skill and 4-8 points into scorpion blade. Every 3 points in MkrV adds another scorpion blade so if at 21 points you have 8 scorpion blades per throw. The poison cloud erupts quickly, in a decent area and the damage is So high and it Stacks so if you kite and get a large group of enemies to follow you and throw a couple scorpion blades at them.. they are all done (and then broadside on kill proc eliminates the immunes). mix in a few MkrV throws as needed (but remember poison damage from this attack would override the poison damage from scorpion blade if the enemy had already been hit by scorpion blade). So if you have a large crowd and throw out a couple scorpion blades (2 quick throws = 16 explosions) then don't follow up right away with a spray and pray MkrV, wait a few seconds and let the poison do its work. Sometimes use a few MkrV shots first to scout and get your initial cb% hits in, then switch to scorpion blade when crowds rush and start kiting them as they quickly die

You are a sin and still die quickly, but this build works great and is fun for farming in the main/popular areas because of kill speed. Learning how to control crowd movement and utilize blink + stun effectively adds more survival time. Using some skeleton reanimate MOs on gear will also greatly extend your survival time and thus kill speed :lol:

With a few average SUs/crafts I could farm TA/Dunc/Triune/Jungles/K3BK and even fautz to some extent with good kill speed. Again for me.. a casual type player