Twin Fang Assassin [1.3]

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Hey all... I moved to Canada a couple of months back and things have really been hectic of late. Haven't really had the chance to play or update the guide. Will fix things in a short while... cheers!
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i can't complete act 1 terror xD low dmg or low tanky idk is hard jajaja
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What stats should I aim for on crafted claw besides fire/poison? What is best MOs? Trying it out in new patch and not sure what the best stats to aim for are yet
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I am struggling at Act 4 of Terror, basically the amount of uniques gained is really limited, plus I am heavily under-stat because of the lack of Signet of Learnings. Hope to hear your opinion and some updated information for Sigma!
Love the build by the way, I was a huge fan playing charged claws stack for Assassin in vanilla D2. And this build suites me perfectly, both its up and downsides.