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Maxblade19 wrote:that work now in command line thanks you!
Is there a way to open this without terminal?

make a simple shell script in your home directory...then you should have an icon for it right?
for example if you make a script called speedcalc.sh and your speedcalc.jar is in /home/krimi/speedcalc

java -jar /home/krimi/speedcalc/SpeedCalc.jar

and make the script executable
chmod +x speedcalc.sh

PM me if you have any questions
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pls make video build better.....................................
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I had a problem with Windows 10 where it would not associate .jar files with Java so the app wouldn't run. For info the fix I found was to run the following file : http://johann.loefflmann.net/en/softwar ... l#Download
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wasnt there any open with... option?

alternatively start the command line and execute:

java -jar SpeedCalculator.jar

(replace the name SpeedCalculator with the actual name of the .jar)
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After 2 hours of reading and putting numbers in the calculator, still no idea how to find the numbers for assa. I sux at math.