How to set up GLIDE WRAPPER + Borderless window (pimp your mxl)

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Varle wrote:Does anyone know why I get constantly shifting, extremely exaggerated colors from light sources using glide in Median? In base game LOD it works fine for me, but during Median it's insane.

This is why I can't stand using Glide. The exaggerated colors are really off-putting imo. The screen looks like a freaking stained glass window when fighting monsters of varying elemental resistances.
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As others in this thread I had the black border issue too with static size 1600x1200 and resize to 1920x1440. I could resolve it by disabling "keep aspect ratio" (while still maintaining aspect ratio manually).
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Dark Huntress
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Hi, have a problem with d2stats ... when i use it, the game drops frames like creazy. Any ideas?
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Speedpad wrote:Still a problem left, but i think its glide related (been having it before this borderless shenanigans), if i put my cursor all the way to the bottom, it's teleported to the left, outside the D2 window (i could fix it witch capture mouse, but what's the point of windowed amaright ? ^^ ).

I'm have this same issue, it also cuts off some of the longer synergies and items. Almost as if it is not making an actual border at the bottom. The game screen stop but it allows items to go further passed the bottom of the game screen.
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I'm getting a weird issue because of the title bar i think. I'm trying to set it up on a laptop that has 1366x768 but instead of adjusting it after alt+tabing it squishes it, so it's deformed with a black border at top. I'll attach pics to illustrate. I've read all posts and tried unticking some of the options in glide one by one and some combinations too but it only makes it worst. Also tried BorderlessGaming but that squishes on length and BorderlessWindowed doesn't even work. Anyone has a solution for 1366x768 cause currently plain windowed mode doesn't display a part of the bottom screen. Or does anyone use other borderless programs?

Before and after alt+tabing
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Why does borderless window doesn't recognize the diablo 2 game? Config the launcher like u
Lava Lord
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so i tried this out. i was also getting the black bar at first, then i realized, duh, the thing is supposed to be pegged to my height not my width. so i found the correct setting for my height, used to get the width, and boom. no more black bars.
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Does Glide not work with AMD GPUs?? I can't get it to work, i just get the white blank box then error. I tried all the tips and it still doesn't work. Just 3d and 2d settings, can anyone help????
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somehow i couldn't add the game to the bg. It kept saying couldn not be added.
I click on add windows and then switching to game and press hotkey. It turns to desktop for a second and comes back but nothing happens after that
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is only useful if you want to use the remaining screen real estate to have other things open (Discord, etc) or if you alt+tab frequently, right? I mean, having black bars on the sides or having part of my desktop on the sides pretty much amounts to the same thing (if anything, the desktop is more distracting).