How to set up GLIDE WRAPPER + Borderless window (pimp your mxl)

Find a handful of guides and walkthroughs here!
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Getting many questions about this, imrpoved my "guide" + added borderless window, which improves it even further. If you have modern high resolution screen, I strongly advise you to look into it. Exact same setting will work for sigma.


Now whatever you do with it, just little reminder:


High res example screenshots:

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I have a little problem, when i play with glide and windowed it never enter in window mode, just full screen; and windowed borderless gaming dont read diablo II, m using w10.
Dark Huntress
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Sadly, enabling WGL_ARB_render_texture causes UI elements to flicker on AMD GPU, and it's the only option that enables Supersampling which is somewhat required to get it working, oh well, I guess I'll stick with Fullscreen.