The TLDR 2H Barb

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lalaiao wrote:
schroedinger wrote:
nazh202 wrote:
schroedinger wrote:I started a poison throw barb and leveled him to 120 without respecting and with nearly zero issues (mana perhaps). Maybe not the fastest killer, but it was smooth. Once you get Raptor and full No runes, it becomes quite powerful

Would you mind sharing a quick look at your items choice, skills plan and stats distribution? Thanks :D

Work is still in progress, right now at level 124:

Hey, is
Grotesque Bite
Grotesque Bite
Hand Axe (Sacred)

One-Hand Damage: 37 to 39
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 376
Item Level: 105
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.18 per Strength)%
Until Level 120, +25% to Experience Gained
After Level 120, Physical Resist +15%
100% Chance to cast level 40 Poison Flash on Melee Attack
+(2 to 3) to All Skills
50% Attack Speed
+(20 to 30)% to Poison Spell Damage
Maximum Poison Resist +4%
+100 Life on Attack
Socketed (3)
a good wepon for this build??

I think that you need a throwing axe
Thunder Beetle
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So I respec my Barb to day to Poison throw. Clear speed is slower than 2h Deathgaze (or it's my setup that is not optimal yet, still using

Throwing Axes

Runeword Level: 100
2% Chance to cast level 60 Miasma on Striking
-25% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+(8 to 13) to Snake Stance (Barbarian Only)
Maximum Life 10%
Elemental Resists +10%
+100 Life after each Kill
+1 to Light Radius
for weapon). However when it comes to bossing this build is sick. I killed Astrogha with 3 hits.