The Bowazon

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I am currently farming TA with my bowie, it's pretty smooth with SU Stag Bow, deaths from arrowside excluded
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currently have all this end game items except boots.
woundering what orbs should i use on each one?
also what i should socket in each one?
and should i luck them befor or after adding orbs and sockets?

Dear Esther
Gulag's Frenzy
Black Void
Dyers Eve
Bad Mood Ring
Ballantine's 1827

Knight's Grace << still needs these boots. if anyone got them ill pay TG!

this is my first season of median xl & my first character going into end game gear. could use all the help possible :P would like to get some nice end game uber kills in :D
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I finally found a Sacred rare and magical Reflex bow. The rare was Abandon crafted, where I got this:
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Unfortunately I got a really low roll on the min damage, but the CTC Knife Throw and slows target are nice. It seems better than the Typhaeon RW.

Before, I was using this:
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I've got all of the basic + easy Uberquests and Rathma Square. To get the K3KBA charm, I used the new map and lured skeletons into the area near the beginning where they'd be out of range of the totems. I killed the two totems on the path to the right corner Necromancer after clearing most of the skeletons around them. I'd either run in and use Phalanx + Barrage on the totem or try to Sun Strike it to death from off-screen. It's an easy path to the Necromancer after clearing those two totems.

I started off with Diablo, Cow, Nihlathak, and Tran Athulua (all Dest) runs. I stopped running Diablo once I got the Hanabigami quiver. More recently, I've been running the first part of Yshari Kingdom (found the rare sacred Reflex bow there) and non-boss mobs in the Triune (only got a couple of the +all speed cycles).

Destruction Tran Athulua is doable in poor gear. I MO'd all of my armor with the Skeleton reanimates. Always maintain the max number of Fire Elementals. Run forward, shoot some Wyrmshots, and run back a bit if you see the wyrms shooting. If a bunch of your Fire Elementals die at once, you should probably run back because they probably died to Arrowside :).

Hardest charm so far was probably Jitan, since it took forever for him to drop the charm. I found that summoning him in a corner outside of the building was preferable in case a couple of guards got stuck. It was easier to aggro them out in the open rather than getting stuck in the building.

For Judgment Day, I found that it was easier to straight-up kill the avatars while the Fire Elementals tank the Edyrim, and then use the strategy recommended by the guide to draw the Edyrim away and pick up the charm.

Serge91 wrote:i cant find a tier splint mail or the heavy belt in order to make them unique lol

Try gambling. You might have to refresh a bunch of times, but sooner or later they'll show up :).