Achilles - An Endgame Neutraldin Guide

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So I believe this would be the corrected math on where you end up cubing 2 x Lodestone and 2 x Sigil of Absolution, and then 5 x Phys%/Magic% mystic orbs

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Some feedback about my 127 level neutraldin with crappy gear (bone scalpel, shrill Sacrament + earie crafted gear)
With low smanka (+7 level of bloodlust) my VOJ is siting at 14k, i use MF runes for sockets. This is perectly fine for farming k3k for signets and set pieces and SU. It's much faster and easier than most other builds I used to play. Damage is not enought for Duncraig, but i managed to get demonsbane anyway. I can say thay i don't recommend to play this build before you get all 120 level charms.Also I recommend to not use bear stance from shield ( it's difficult to get +4 skills and bear stance, also it's annoying to constaly swith to stance).
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damn cool build