Xbow Necromancer

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Azure Drake
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Rainbow2133 wrote:Hi guys! I was playing with a 1h melee nec. It was kinda okay, yet wanted something else. So I've remade him into xbow. Now, he seems even worse. Got everything "mid game guide" says and... what's wrong?

The mid game guide has 2-3 transitions/choices. Howabout linking your character. (https://tsw.vn.cz/acc/) to start with.

What exactly is 'worse'? Can't clear ubers? Can't farm certain areas?
Do you have your 400 signets farmed out?
Have you met with your %Hit Recovery breakpoints?
What level are you now?
Can you see what's wrong with your post now? Hard to provide anything specific if you don't give anything specific.
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Dark Wanderer
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Skiz0 wrote:
AnimeWaifu wrote:
Skiz0 wrote:
AnimeWaifu wrote:
HeroicDose wrote:yeah i never really noticed damage to undead/demons make much difference on my other toons which is why i was thinking maybe metalhead could be better. would really need a number cruncher to get in and weight in since thats not my thing

150 ewd will not be noticeable since this build already has around 2k

Skiz0 wrote:
Propz wrote:Some rly good tips offered in here.... has helped tremendously... just kind of curious how people approach fauzt... I tried dumping leftover skills in Talons Hold for the slows target for necrobots as recommended as an option in the guide.... I'm using Rebel Xis/Royal Circ/Hwanin/Larzuk/Hammerfist/Wind Runner (sometimes Geleb/Maffer)/Ripstar/Rare ring/Athulas Oracle/Truce or crafted belt... everything MO'd with ed and such as well as socketed with dual leech jewels... and I still find find necrobots causing a lot of issues. I have over 25k AR, tons of leech and about 180k def (not sure how to make this much higher until better gear is found) but a few shots from necrobots ez's me. I try the usual widow/death shard combo but I feel fragile af...

25 k's AR low value!(check the canche to hi %. need's to be at 95% always)

I have arround 44,000 and fauz is so ez!

imo its not worth to get 95% cth, because of diminishing returns you will need to invest alot in ar

i think metalhead for farming beats all other options until you can get lotto weapon

Not worth to invest 95% cth? GG wp anime, you killed me.

For farming absolutely not, you need to sacrifice quite a lot of str/dmg to get 44k ar which is not worth it in my opinion, especially on a skill like widowmaker. Again, I strongly believe that metalhead is the way to go for farming, 95 cth for no investment is really strong and lets you focus entirely on building dmg, which is alot more than any other helm can give you. In the end you want itd on weapon ideally.

WTF, i speech about this with Grief ,and a pair of more top players and all goes with AR+str+ll/ml jewels and work's perfect, the investment is super low for what u get.

Who’s grief?
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Runeword Level: 100
+(1 to 2) to All Skills
+30 to Maximum Damage
+(144 to 171)% Enhanced Defense
20% to All Attributes
Elemental Resists +(31 to 40)%
Total Character Defense (21 to 30)%
+4 to Light Radius
is not bad for helm.
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Which one is better for uber boss weapon between crafted high damage crossbow and
Manticore Sting
Manticore Sting
Repeating Crossbow (Sacred)

Two-Hand Damage: (228 - 264) to (423 - 515)
Required Strength: 670
Required Level: 100
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.18 per Strength)%
-1% to Enemy Poison Resistance per 25 Strength
16% Chance to cast level 1 Bolt on Striking
+(160 to 200)% Enhanced Damage
+(150 to 200) to Maximum Damage
(200 to 250)% Bonus to Attack Rating
+1500 poison damage over 2 seconds
10% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(700 to 1000) to Life
+7 Life on Striking
Socketed (6)
Hwanin's Hwacha
Hwanin's Hwacha
Dart Thrower (Sacred)

Two-Hand Damage: (279 - 305) to (332 - 358)
Required Strength: 395
Required Level: 100
(Necromancer Only)
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.26 per Strength)%
Flametail Shot Only Gains 1 Projectile per 7 Base Levels
4% Chance to cast level 28 Flametail Shot on Striking
+3 to Necromancer Skill Levels
60% Attack Speed
+(170 to 200)% Enhanced Damage
Adds 50-100 damage
Enhanced Weapon Damage +(31 to 50)%
+150 to Strength
-50 to Dexterity
Socketed (6)
is the best for farming,
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Waiting for your comments. :D
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Rust Claw
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:scratch: :think: mediocre
Thunder Beetle
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ive tried now some visjun with bis gear man.....once they drop the NERFS !!!! on a build that build becomes 0 ....even with huanin ....it's RIP!!!
Thunder Beetle
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Hwanin .allkiding aside its NERFED TO SHIT!!! 4-5 bolts max....dont do nothing ....best u can do is farm k3k at max
Thunder Beetle
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alll that talk about facetanking mobs .....Go visjun after 20-30 yards u get 1 shoted after the merc suicides
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If you got a Hwanin and good gear, you can literally walk around Vizjun and never die because leech from the rockets keeps you up.

If you're still lacking some gear, I'd suggest avoiding the minefields because they hurt a lot.
Thunder Beetle
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man i wasted 5 beladonas ....i tried again and again
for bossing is ok ...but higher up 125 ill respeck in someth else