Xbow Necromancer

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entrique wrote:is it still viable?

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hi works the build in 1.5

its possible to farm fauntzinville ?
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parasiteeve2 wrote:hi works the build in 1.5

its possible to farm fauntzinville ?

Pretty easily, just get
Hwanin's Hwacha
Hwanin's Hwacha
Dart Thrower (Sacred)

Two-Hand Damage: (279 - 305) to (332 - 358)
(Necromancer Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 395
Item Level: 105
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.16 per Strength)%
Flametail Shot Only Gains 1 Projectile per 7 Base Levels
4% Chance to cast level 28 Flametail Shot on Striking
+3 to Necromancer Skill Levels
60% Attack Speed
+(170 to 200)% Enhanced Damage
Adds 50-100 damage
Enhanced Weapon Damage +(19 to 30)%
+150 to Strength
-50 to Dexterity
Socketed (6)
for the quality of life.
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thanks for fast answer gear skills all the same or somthink other to the guide
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hi the build looks fun but now iam testing it and i have a dmg problem widowmaker dmg is 3800-5500

what must i reach for fauntzinville fram

the only think i dont have is the armor rings and amu rest of the gear is still like the guide iam lvl137 and have most charms

are the 135 fire pierce important?
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So I’m looking to put together a char that’s efficient for farming some of the tougher end game ubers. As of 1.5 is this build one to consider?
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I'm getting rapped in 120+ dungeons/bosses holy crap. Widow Maker is terrible if the mobs/bosses are fast. What i'm doing wrong ? I put 12 points in Rathmas Chosen for IAS and DS, but it seems it isn't paying off. Maybe i respect for Death Pact and get myself some defense. Without Hwanin is painfull to farm. I'm also thinking in maxing Frag Shoot before it.

Edit: I have a good damage, but it fells like i'm paper thin.
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Unfortunately, they nerfed Hwanin a few season's back... This was an extremely effective and fun farmer, but last time I built it, it just isn't fun anymore... How about that. A GAME that the developers took the fun away. Like taking away the ability to get a rush to at least 100 to try other builds if you want without having to spend so many hours building up.
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Yeah Hwanin sucks now. Same to the build.

That's a sad truth after Embalming nerf this patch too.
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Xbow farm fautz naked w hwanin