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Nope. It scales to the WDM no matter what. Just tested it again on normal attack/HoZ/Magnetic Field and Curare has a different DPS with each skill (much more with HoZ and much less with MF). Takedown is 50% WD and Pounce nova 60%, one is direct and the other indirect but they do similar amounts of poison DPS. Normal attack and throw are both 100% WD and they do the same poison DPS.

What's happening with Pounce is that the direct hit is doing 100% WD and the nova is doing 60%. The Curare damage is being REDUCED on the nova, not increased by melee. Which means your damage is way lower than you might think.

You are probably confusing this with when %spell damage boosts passive ele damage. That only works on melee hits.

Also the old LFAQ talks about this:
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