The Shielded Lioness Amazon

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Shielded Lioness Amazon
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This build was created to push the limits of passives and oskills. Then came Big McLargeHuge maximum swag potential. At the very least, it is a fun way to explore Sigma and set up for farming. In the spirit of modding, this all started from a "What if..."

Appropriate +666k defense :evil:
Big stats, summons, and flashy reanimates.
TU's carry us far (+115). Barbarian skills on right-click :mrgreen:
War Spirit reanimates provide a lot of variation. Elites are strong.
The Spear tree passive works without a spear. Ha!

Potions are the main source of healing, although leech helps.
Not the hugest damage all the time.
You may find an eth SU spear and be tempted to respec...

Takedown (1) - Prereq. Too short of a duration to be of use.
Hyena Strike (several) - Boosts the max level of Lioness.
Great Hunt (1) - Prereq. Good even with 1 point if you were curious.
Lioness (SMax) - Giagantor numbers. Maxed at +40 for me usually.
Pounce (1) - I miss the old OP Assassin pounce builds. Better as an oskill.

Wild and Free (10) - 30% movement speed is a happy medium.
Summon Fire Elementals (1-Max) - Great early/mid game tanks.
Balance (Max) - Flat defense combines well with percent defense.
Ecstatic Frenzy (1) - Prereq.
Defensive Harmony (3) - Bosses are capped at 25% slow.

Image ImageImageImage
Bloodlust (Innate) - Items on swap can boost this to +350% physical damage.
Spellbind (1-Max) - Less damage in, more damage out. Further points are mainly useful for their synergy.
War Spirit (1) - I haven't noticed a difference between 1 and max points.
Spirit of Vengeance (Max) - Reanimates are a good source of damage/tanks/auras/etc. Not all Spirits are created equal. Resummon as necessary.

Deathgaze and Noctule are great oskills from TUs. Charged Strike can be found on amulets (ilvl +82). Crucify and Parasite can be worthwhile oskills from SUs.

FCR, 80, 7/Cast
FBR, 60, 8/Block
FHR, 86, 5/Hitstun
IAS,142, 7/Attack (with WSM -10)
IAS,200, 7/Attack (with WSM 0)

Strength: Gear.
Dexterity: Gear.
Vitality: The Rest. Complicated.
The infamously-inaccurate stats page:

    Early Game
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    Multiplayer Tips
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Huge props to Laz and Marco for carrying the torch. 11/10 mod.
aerial for the great TLDR Guide.
ChuckNoRis for the great Miniguides Guide.
terryys for the speed calc Speed Calc.
rumblealex and Elixir of Adrenaline for answering my random question that one time.

Writing this has made me want to play more.

Thank you for reading.
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Looks like an interesting/fun little ama build! Might give this a try.
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looks like it needs some more work so far . you may add some more vids of harder ubers , at least some duncraig/fauztinville farm samples (i don't think dethgaze is the way to go in end game . the base damage from the TU Brainhack is quite low compared to other options) .

i play a similar build (maxing lioness) but i went for 2h (meme zon) with Iron Spiral from Hellreaper, got some vids here if you want to take a look : . my end game gearing is orientated on Charged Strike oskill (besides the amulet , you can get it from 3 more SU's for extra targets). it goes great with either Danmaku or Hammerfall shields if you want to use 1h + a more expensive shield . i want to try it with Gotterdamerung on as soon as i get more charms to gain enough str to wear it :lol: . my build just hit 120 .

you may also consider Battlemaiden + Skin of Kabraxis combo as togather they provide a shitload of EWD .

Ancient's hand from
The Grandfather
The Grandfather
Great Sword (Sacred)

One-Hand Damage: (219 - 254) to (336 - 396)
Two-Hand Damage: (312 - 347) to (423 - 483)
Required Level: 120
Required Strength:
Item Level: 120
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.16 per Strength)%
+400% Deadly Strike
-5% Deadly Strike per 1% Attack Speed
+200% Enhanced Damage
Adds (75 to 110)-(180 to 240) damage
(150 to 300)% Bonus to Attack Rating
+(30 to 40) to Ancients' Hand
+50 to all Attributes
Maximum Life (15 to 20)%
Requirements +100%
Socketed (6)
is also nice
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I’ve made an Ancient’s hand COTW/Lioness shield build with Danmaku, full charms, Shark RW, and pretty much every BiS item you can think of a few seasons ago.

It had high defense but the LL faltered Paragon gems drastically diminished the LL I received from jewels.

Unfortunately, the damage and survivability ended up being far worse than if you had just rolled a barb/paladin with far less expensive gear.

Also, your guide lists pretty mediocre TU4’s as “end-game-viable” which I think is a little misleading.

I do like the intention, though. This is exactly the playstyle I was hoping for when I made my “memezon” but, as the name would indicate, it was nothing more than a meme.

One last thing: If you think “Griswold” is a tough boss, you’re in for a treat, friendo.
Dark Huntress
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I only as far as "Big McLargeHuge" before having a GREAT laugh!

Thanks for that!!!!
Pit Knight
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Might check build after work