1h Melee Necro (Dagger & Dex)

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WARBANDIT30 wrote:Hi guys I have been rolling daggers and was wondering whats the highest max damage roll anyone has seen . Don't really know what damage I'm looking for.....[Sry if you covered this already]

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Bliyadolubov wrote:
ManaLeech wrote:I've managed to progress pretty well to 125, I did have a few questions more out of curiosity than anything.

1. What sort of a wormhole should I be building? A MF one seems obvious but is it worth making one that's pure dex stacking? Or a flat life one for harder content?

2. What sort of tooldip damage on carnage/parasite should I be looking at when going for the 125 ubers? Curious what a sort of baseline is
Stacking life is more important in a lategame. You should have 2 wormholes, 1 with crappy small charms you dont need, second - with stat you need (large/medium) Most important stat in game are life and breakpoints, if you manage to cover your breakpoints then you need life. Carnage around 15k-20k at lategame, dont know about 125 ubers, maybe 8-10k.

Cheers mate. Will focus on breakpoints then life as carnage is almost at 8k as it is
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hello is the build updated and everything for the new season coming out? mainly interested in if theres better gear for the end game section. gatta get them goblins.