1h Melee Necro (Dagger & Dex)

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Elendilli wrote:the void is technically not an uber you would need an eth 1h weapon anyway. gluttony can be killed but requires a little strategy to defeat him. you need decent damage but more importantly try constantly moving around and attacking while you move around. he sometimes will not regen and will be enough to burst him.

if you still think you don't have enough dps after trying that then try making eth Shark Xis but Defiler should be enough looking at your expensive gear setup. Even 2h scythe high damage if you were STR setup with would suffice.

also, your shield doesn't have to be crafted. Hellspeak TU is incredibly good and can 40% dex on its own but no %increase block. 1h necromancer doesn't really need max block because you'll have over 30 block and 600k+ armor anyway. the combination of the two provides sufficient survivability which is why x2 giants knuckles is better than stacking block. Uldyssian is nice to have block on but not really a concern even in labyrinth.

thanks a lot :)