Caster Druid

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vecna wrote:Hi! I m a bit newbe at median and ve been following this guide so far but i ve been hitting a wall around 125 + content.
i was able to do every 115 uber easily, managed to do quov tsin and kabraxis with some efforts as poison, but then Baal / Astrogha destroys me

I ve been following above posted recommended gearing plan : lincos staff, poison craft helm w shimmerings, queen of glass, ashaeras belt, megalith boots, memory gloves + some rare skills and poison amu and rings. despite this im getting stomped :)

Problem is really dmg. I survive ok and my harvesters are quite tanky overall but baal /astrogha are not going down at all
What looks surprising to me is that rain of fire seems to do more dmg than infected roots even with just one point and no specific fire gear... so im wondering if i should farm fire gear and respec altogether

Any advise welcome :) Great mode overall but im running out of ideas to keep going. Thanks !!

Don't use summons on those fights. Baal summons bosses on hit. IIRC they both just leech poison so that is a no-no, spec on fire. RoF was buffed and it should easily take both of them down.