Dr. Strangebuff - Summoner Nec

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Thanks man. this explenation is exacly what i was looking for. Cheers and good luck with other builds
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Anyone try any other summons or ideas?
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My build is a mix of totem minions and support but it works out nicely in a party or solo
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hi dudes. I want to make some hybrid build for fun, some sort like melee/summoner. I know its very hard to make it work, tried a few times. At early/mid game go with classic melee or summoner builds. At destruction need a lot of farm, for that job both melee or summoner are fine. Fore skillbuild - its not including usual buff totems or any totem skill tree (which is a powerhouse stuff for minions). Yes its a big dergadation in powerlevel, but its needed to balance that stuff to make any benefit of it. We need stay mobile and move fast, in that case totems not allow to proceed in that style. melee skills 1point, maybe max famine, some points into deathlord. max embalming. max deathward. 1point graveyard. all summons 1point (leftovers into flayers and rampagors). And the most interesting part - items. Lazarus set (hat, chest, belt), magical crafted boots and gloves, MOed with minions life and resists. Weapons, for now only way i see is a dagger and necro shield. At early stages till get needed stuff make magical, fascinating or any shrine necro dagger with + necro levels, ancient hand OS, max damage, ED% and bless it only with wierd shrine (we need that huge damage), for now i am using satans void hexblade - it gives good minion stats and necro levels, the damage not so impressive. For shield its nahual RW (gives you beastly stats with good roll), >> magical crafted necro shield with levels, good minion stats. THE CORE OF MY BUILD is SINWAR demonhead. Why it so good - it gives you kraken stance - lesser version of death fury totem but its permament aura which negates addiction to the place where totem stands. Known problem that stances ass auras only works on minions if you have enhcanced stance radius (only barb allowed to make it use) But we solve that problem - SINWAR has spirit walk OS (barb skill) which gives us acces to enhcanced stance radius - done. Amulets and rings - any with levels, minion life. Sockets fills with crafted jevels contains minions life. At jevel crafting i was using ber rune instead of ist rune, you can roll jevels with minion life (about 10-15%) even without ist rune. Made a couple runs in that gear at 5 act, diablo, torajan jungles. With all gear listed above my minion stats with deathlord morph: rampagors about 60K, all others about 30K, caped minion res at 160, dont know is it enough. Have some thoughts to try it with wolf stance, for that need to equip gloves and boots of neutlal fire set ( 2 parts of it gives wolf stance) or get world cornerstone with that skill (which possibility to find it just impossible). If you somehow defeated startled witch you can upgrade your sleep charm by uniting it with judgement day trophy the main part of it it gives enchanced stance radius +10, from that point i see other options in gearing (can change SINWAR with other shield whitch suit you most and go with wolfe stance). It hilariosly hard to find all gear parts needed especialy sinwar, and harder to make it work, but iam so fond of that idea that i dont stop to develope that shit. Some suggestions from community veterans will be helpfull.
\Short adwise at crafting weapon for such chars as necro, barb, paladin - all you need is damege ED%, flat damage, levels, good proc (balefire, shower of rocks, spiral dance) for ancient hand dudes (necro, barb) any fire proc suits well (flamefront, cataclysm, brimstone; those have small chance to proc butt with ancient hand OS in will work often) for shrines you dont need a specific shrine to make it good, any shrine be good, the most valuable will be those wich gives 2 primal affixes cause its gives you a good chance to fill lefted space with stuff you need (secondary affixes/suffixes - fore weapons are most valuable because it gives better stats than primal affixes (for example you craft with wierd shrine - it gifes ED 20-100%, min, max damage about 5-20 which is shitty and it counts as 3 affixes which gives you left with 2-3 secondary stats, it minimise your chances to get good stuff cause you get less you need. Secondary stats (affixes) can give you max ED%, 50-300 max damage, you see a difference), so it means that when crafting weapon you benefits from less primal stats and more secondary, its simple. But in my opinion in crafting if you dont get limits atED, flat max damage on your weapon - then you should always bless it with wierd shrine \