Ice Elementalist (Cold Sorc)

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Hey Dru, do you feel the physical resist from Lore gloves with Sprit boots makes a huge difference? I'm looking to optimize and I've reached the conclusion the best piece for gloves (and possibly boots as well) is a solid craft with -25% cold (15 from gloves, 5 from sacred craft, another 5 from sacred blessing) and if I get lucky, I could also get +2 skills on it and up to +30% cold damage and even +30 spell focus, but all four seem exceedingly unlikely. Nonetheless , for pierce cap, it seems like a tantalizing alternative! And there will be plenty of room to MO an additional 10% cold and 30 spell focus. And if I were so lucky, maybe I could repeat that success with some boots as well. However .... The only area I am truly lacking in happens to be physical resist making some uber levels a game of dodge ball, hence my question. I guess I'm asking specifically for labs since I haven't really run then much yet .