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altoiddealer wrote:Phoboss with War Cry:
-It’s a long fight. If you have the opportunity, sprinkle some potions around in little piles in case ur belt runs out

-You’ll want 60 phys res, and 92 max cold res for T11 plus 1 for every tier above that. I have 2nd pair of
Lamha Na Draoithe
Lamha Na Draoithe
Gauntlets (Sacred)

Defense: (1339 - 1506) to (1567 - 1763)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 574
Item Level: 120
+150 Spell Focus
+2 to All Skills
30% Cast Speed
+(16 to 20)% to Spell Damage
+(140 to 170)% Enhanced Defense
+75 to Strength
-100 to Life
Elemental Resists +15%
Socketed (4)
gloves I swap in, with 4 cold Zan Esu jewels (slowly upgraded from 4 Onyx). Also 160+ base cold res for tiers 11-13, and 260+ base cold res for 14 and 15.

-Walk, do not run. Run = 0 Defense.

-If ur merc is alive, consider removing their gear so they die quickly. Merc typically makes the fight more difficult.

-Like other teleporting enemies, Phoboss can sometimes glitch inside you making it impossible to walk. Since the fight takes so long, this glitch is actually very likely to occur. Since Phoboss increases your teleport cooldown, it may happen back-to-back right after teleporting out of the glitch, leaving you paralyzed. For this reason, it is recommended to sacrifice 4 skill points, just to put one into Windform. Or, use Windform relic (I use one). Or, use
Hammer of Jholm
Hammer of Jholm
Maul (Sacred)

Two-Hand Damage: 74 to 82
Required Level: 100
Required Strength:
Item Level: 120
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.16 per Strength)%
While Using Whirlwind:
Adds 3 - 5 Fire Damage per 20 Attributes
Adds 3 - 5 Lightning Damage per 20 Attributes
+200% to Fire and Lightning Spell Damage
-1% to Enemy Fire and Lightning Resists per 60 Attributes
15% Chance to cast level 60 Cataclysm on Melee Attack
15% Chance to cast level 60 Nova on Melee Attack
120% Attack Speed
+50% Damage to Undead
+20 to Whirlwind
Requirements +100%
Socketed (6)
on swap (Whirlwind is same thing). Assign windform to left click on your weapon swap for ease of access during the fighr. You can escape the glitch with windform, and also whirl through him when he body blocks, which happens often in T12 and T13.

-If u see the clouds on ground indicating the ice things about to fall, immediately start kiting him away until they stop. You may sneak a shout in here and there. I’ve found that these attacks often “desync” meaning it looks like you walked out of range, but they are actually hitting closer than they appear on screen. Stay as far away as possible from them, not “just out of range”!!!!

-If you see him drop an ice orb (blue swirly thing), immediately use 2 potions and start walking away.

I’ve killed some 3 person T15 phoboss, a 5 person T13 phoboss... difficulty is about the same honestly, except takes a very very long time, more opportunities for bad RNG.

This video is kind of dated, I’m better at fighting him now

nice job ,detail and long vid