DatDudeJay's Warcry Barbarian - Full Guide - UPDATED!

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Ratmslasher wrote:<Sigma 1.5>
Just wanted to highlight after pushing Barb Summoner as far as I could, I switched to Warcry and was able to complete some other content I was unable to do as summoner.

I followed the Warcry guide pretty closely.

I was able to get up to T11 labs, and do Lazarus/Spirit world, 2 ubers I was unable to do as Summoner.
I also re-did most other uber content, and Warcry was definitely an improvement overall from Summoner.
(e.g. Nephalem's Sacrifice took 90mins as summoner, ~20 as warcry)

Here are 2 videos:
Lazarus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGPyqFvGta0

Spirit World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqZJ76jDq8Q&t=9s

Thanks very much for posting these videos - this helped me immensely in finally taking down Lazarus myself :bounce:

For anyone else going for Laz with this build, here are some comments:
-DO NOT use Thundergod. The stun novas do not jive well with the totems and they will insta-kill you as a result.
-As Ratmslasher did in his video, I used all Enchanted crafted gear for the Magic Res, and focused on hitting +Vit +Life and +Skills. Everything filled with On runes. I used a high roll Eye of Wisdom (488 Life / 2sk), Ring of Truth (5% slow attacker), and Adrenaline Rush which helps get away from Laz for a break. I also used 2x
Malus Domestica
Malus Domestica
Club (Sacred)

One-Hand Damage: 41 to 42
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 376
Item Level: 105
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.11 per Strength)%
You Have Apple Healing Effect
+(0 to 2) to All Skills
+50% Damage to Undead
(11 to 20)% to Vitality
+(1 to 1000) to Life
Maximum Life 10%
+100% Increased Healing Rate from Apples
Physical Resist (6 to 10)%
10% Reanimate as: Tree of Life
Socketed (3)
and 2x War Cry swords on swap.
-SMax: Ancient Blood, Mountain King, Eagle Stance, then the remainder in Runemaster.

*Edit* I tried Eagle Stance instead of Bear Stance and holy moly it is such a vast improvement for this fight. Eagle Stance all the way!
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Guide updated for 1.7.

Big Changes- No longer need to stack Energy! Dump 20% of your total stats into energy to fix your mana problems ONLY! The rest into vitality, It's time we are 20k+ life builds! Energy barely gives us damage so there is no need at all for it!

I will be testing to see how little energy i can put in to sustain mana, For now aim for a 5k mana pool and dump the rest into vitality. ill post updates asap.

still in the process of testing new setups and boss videos. If you run into questions please feel free to hit me up on discord.

Discord: DatDudeJay#2541
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Damn, nerfed in .4, gone from 11k to 7k
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According to some discussion on Discord, ideally everyone should aim for about 2100 pts in Energy for optimal damage bonus (or more, but very diminishing returns), and as much Spell Focus as possible, with a maximum of 1000 Spell Focus.

OP, what Sleep charm do you think is best for this build? I scored a perfect 1% to all max res, kind of torn which trophy to apply... Bremm, vieled prophet and astrogha all look good, hoping you can nominate one for me :)