Black Mamba

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it's false information
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I still prefer my "classic" version using Thunderslam + TU balanced axed for permastun the screen with procs, XD. Also, you need a second way for damage the poison inmune mobs... In my case was Physical damage. Why? Well, you can use StormBlast or any other conversion skill, but still you need high physical damage output OR 100% CB. If you also use wolf's doom and TTAD, then you can kill almost all screen in a few hits...

Sadly, you can't use fortress (due his low duration with 1 hard point) in a effective way with that build. Or you can go with KS.
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I was wondering if this build was still a thing.
"Gladiator's Dominance" hasn't been a thing when this build was created, so would the skill or item build fundamentally change?
I suppose TU bronze shield or an honorofic with Allres+ED/TCD+Poison spell damage (does this work with Snake Stance?) would be great for early 90's.
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lc0 is back?
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busting123 wrote:lc0 is back?

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busting123 wrote:lc0 is back?

Necro post resurrected a 2 year old post. Surprised anything in here is still the same.