Trap Rat Full Guide [WIP]

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Bone Archer
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Well, I went into Tran Athula (destro) got raped. And I have no idea where the Jungle Ubers are other than K3K, but I can't even touch those Tree creatures in there. Not sure if you can see my gear, probably not. I have basically all of the mid game runeword gear w/ Ber crafted jewels and fully MO'd + Lucked. The only thing I don't have is a decent shield; still using that T6 Cloudbreaker thing.

I mean I can try grinding for Fascination shrines to craft some merc gear, but is he gonna be enough?
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Azgars Pelt helmet is endgame helm on a traprat. Trust me.
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to show off my Master Splinter

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Thunder Beetle
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When I said baal. I didn't mean uber baal. Just the regular act 5 baal. Cant even touch him. Same with azmodan. And I cant run terror fautz due to necrobots.
Cant run uber k3k, haven't even bothered doing terror k3k, there's nothing in it of relevance. I need Qor runes. They dont drop there.

I have a Ix rune in a sacred kriss weapon MOd with ias and LL. I have other runewords but basically we're lookin at 37% LL, 45% DR, max res, 150k def, around 15k AR, 6500 HP, CB must be over 50% I would imagine.

The end game is just unbalanced af. There ain't enough gear in the world to make this shit possible. Probably why you cant find new videos for this game. And if ya do find one it was prolly a single player hack job.
Thunder Beetle
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Goodkidscc wrote:Azgars Pelt helmet is endgame helm on a traprat. Trust me.

Its Augur's Pelt. And I'd never be lucky enough. :(

Everything gets wiped in 13 days and ppl won't even part with 2 Qor runes. :flip:

Do I just keep farming Diablo until I find one of these good SUs? Man's out of options here.
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what is Good berry skill?