Community Pokedex - Guide to All Summons

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Should not Ways passives work like this: "minoin base damage*minion damage" + "ways damage * (minions damage + ways spell damage)" then pierce corresponding resists to "way" element?
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Just wanted to say this is one of the best guide I have ever read !
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the passage on minion res states this:

Summons have an innate resistance bonus which increases at 15% per soft point in that summon (caps at 75% and is hidden). They suffer the resistance penalties of Nightmare and Hell, requiring around 50% minion resistance and a full 75% (total res caps at 50% in Hell) from different sources (usually from items) in both difficulties respectively. You cannot overcap summon resistances.

Does this mean there is really no way to keep summons alive in Lab 9 and 10? Cause mobs have 100% ele pierce in there