Harbinger Wolf Druid Full Guide (Updated)

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If you happened to find a Krys Rune whilst farming Toraja for an Auhe, would you possibly recommend

Runeword Level: 100
25% Chance to cast level 40 Flamefront on Melee Attack
+(144 to 171)% Enhanced damage
Adds 50-100 damage
Adds 1-1000 fire damage
Drain Life -250
+10 Life on Striking
2% Reanimate as: Condemned
Target Takes Additional Damage of 100
(assuming you dont have
Shark (Xis)


Runeword Level: 121
1% Chance to cast level 31 Bloodlust when you Kill an Enemy
+(201 to 250)% Bonus Damage to Bloodlust
50% Increased Attack Speed
+230% Enhanced damage
+(3.25 per level) to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
66% Chance of Open Wounds
+5 to all Attributes
-500 to Mana
obviously) for its nice phys damage increase, decent fire damage, 10 Life on Striking and TTAD of 100?
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i rly dont think that is very good option to use adramelech. that lacks mana you would need and also damage aint that high. melee proc also doesnt work.

only good thing in that sword would be 10 life per striking.