Harbinger Wolf Druid Full Guide [1.3]

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Windsinger and Gulag's Frenzy seems to be have been removed from the game, which items would you consider BiS in sigma? Is Facebreaker a good alternative? I'm thinking if the +IAS per 20 str can give me more space for LUM-runes.
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Neyhanis wrote:hey there few questions for wolfies out there : is it worth it getting mana leech/mana on attack to sustain harb, or should i just use the claw for big regen once in a while ? also, can i get better conversion on harbinger then 75% to magic? (i mean do more points reduce conversion even further? ^^ ) and lastly, if anyone knows : wolf converts mana regen into mana drain. so what about negative mana regen (example hellmouth gloves -50%), does that becomes negative drain = lower drain or even regen ?

i tested it and it is working ! i got my new gloves ! i can now 30+ halbringer in a row without manapulse so its a good deal for sure to use hellmouth !!
mana on kill jewels will cover the rest of the mana wolf curse!
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Hey first of all love the guide, this is my first character in Sigma and it's been fun to play. Hoping to get some help, basically I seem to be stuck. Lvl 110, killed Mephisto in Hell but really struggling in act IV and some of the early dungeons.

I've been using the recommended gear when possible, Have Natha in a Sacred Antlers, Void in a Sacred Great Sword (tried Azrael but atm Void feels better), Erawan in a sacred Full Plate, Megalith boots, Pollice Verso boots, Teganze Pendant and Deadfall Belt. My rings are random uniques, which definitely need to be better but struggling to find better equipment.

I've done Ennead, the Butcher, the Infernal Machine, and the Death Projector, but get wrecked in Island of the Sunless Sea and any of the lvl 110 portals that are available.

Since most of the recommended upgrades are lvl 115 sacred uniques or require runes from higher level areas, what's the best way to proceed from here? My defense is 65k which seems low based upon other things I've read, and I've yet to find another Sacred Great Sword or Flamberge to try and creepy craft, or a Sacred Ancient Armor for Erawan.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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