Cold Werewolf Druid

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whitewolf wrote:
MIlesPrower8 wrote:Can you also mention the best UMOs in your guide, рlease?

-Weapon: 1-3Vizjun's Ball Bearing UMO ( cheap UMO)+5x ias MO or Marksman's Eye UMO+ relic ias ( much much more expensive and not reliable). u can mix between both UMO depend on number of relics u have, u can even reach 2fpa!!! (292 ias) with insane relic+MO+umo+Sigil of Absolution. But if u dont have then 1st option is the best
-Jewelries: Farnham's Lost Marble UMO ( life on melee attack) better use this on armor. The Endless Light UMO for extra pierce and def, best UMO here.
-Armor: Nagapearl on Lilth belt, can use by another char very flexible for mf gear without sacrifice too much damge.
The rest UMOs for armor is unimpressive. Idol of Stars UMO (stat) is fine but expensive and str and ene is kind of watse stat, not much better than dex MO but if u want perfect one just go for it. Marksman's Eye is fine (2% dex)but expensive an 5 ias and damge is another watse stat, not worth here. dex MO served well enough. UMOs on armor for wolf have pretty low impact compare to other classes. Farnham's Lost Marble UMO ( life on melee attack) is best here but beware ms penalty, we dont need too much LOMA, 3-5 should be enough for sustain.

Wow, thanks!
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hey what about
Crystal Sword (Sacred)

Required Level: 100
Required Dexterity:
Item Level: 130
Innate Cold Damage:
(35.0% of Dexterity)
80% of Vitality Added as Cold Damage to Weapon
You Cannot Deal Fire, Lightning or Poison Damage
25% Chance to cast level 30 Azure Orb on Melee Attack
Adds 300-450 Cold Damage
-100% to Enemy Cold Resistance
+2 to Remorseless Winter
Slow Target 25%
Maximum Cold Resist +10%
Physical Resist 10%
100% Bonus to Defense
Cannot Be Frozen
Requirements +100%
Socketed (6)
vit build for supa endgame?)
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Trophy cold blood jewel :P

And No ediboo, we based off dex
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So how is the item level = 99 AFTER you've crafted the jewel?
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the ui doesn't show it, but jewels have ilvl higher than 99 if you craft them before you save and exit, they only reset once you leave
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I promise its not photoshopped, i dont have anything to gain lol
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Any possible gear preference changes that come to mind after seeing 2.1 weapon ias update?
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Victor wrote:Any possible gear preference changes that come to mind after seeing 2.1 weapon ias update?

Hard to know, they'll probably change the breakpoints. Otherwise you'd easily reach 3fpa with almost any weapon