DeathSeraph's Bowdruid

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skrig wrote:I did not test myself. There is a druid with GoS, he has been like this for quite some time.
Gear grants him 351 spell focus, charms some, and then Survival Instinct caps it. Since he is level 142 I assume he is doing fine, unless he leveled with different items. Gear can be... better (-:

I am playing this bow druid and yeah GoS gives a little more damage than void-infused. It's easy to get to 1000 SF with a little bit of jewel crafting. But this build is strickly for labs because you have more space on gear for max life. My gear is poor yeah because i don't want to spend TG late in the season ;) I don't even have max resist and max PR so you can imagine with better gear.
Otherwise Void-infused is way better for farming.
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The thing that make Void Infused OP is not about its high damage bonus, that is the proc with good aoe and high ctc and I dont think GoS bow even reach its clearing speed lol. Void Infused is literally the best farming bow in the game.

Level in this game doesnt mean anything. The real problem of GoS build is it need too big invesment and even when you reach 1k SF, your char is still fragile af. What are you gonna upgrade for your build to beat that Void Infused? UMO, SSSU?
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what runes did you use in your weapons and armor
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About GoS do not forget the IAS cap is very high
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Is all-element pierce twice as effective for cold and lightning because of the bow druid passive? Is it...

1. Total cold/light pierce = fire pierce
2. Total cold/light pierce = cold/light pierce + fire pierce
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Number 2. As you can see on d2 stats below.

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Some feedback on the guide (intended to be constructive!):

The endgame (level 101-150) spec seems to max everything. There aren't enough points to max 6 skills (even if RoA and HS are only 10 each) plus 26 in Elvensong, 8 in Harvesters, 4 in Symbiosis, 1 in a reward skill.
So maybe say something about which skill choices to make in certain situations, what the overall build options are for farming, certain bosses (whether to take bear or Avoid or Harvesters etc).

Also, the endgame spec switches to Vine from Survival Instinct so perhaps say something about the reasons to choose one or the other (even if it's just Vine for physical, SI for elemental). Seems worth explaining that?

I think it would be worth saying something more about end-game crafting. Which shrines are best, maybe discuss pros/cons of Abandoned vs Trinity for example.

Maybe say something about breakpoints such as IAS frame rates and which breakpoint(s) people should be aiming for, what the trade-offs are etc.

It's good to see a guide up for this build, so well done on that. :thumb:

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I personally go mr painless, very satisfying lol. (but void-touched still is bis)
he's also very good for farming since he has many extra MF gears like Nezha/weapons and fast mobs killing potential.
The biggest problem for me is that I need to pop many hp potions in fauzt coz there is no enough lifeleeching or life after kills(except titan steps) for bow druid...
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What type of jewels should be crafted? or should I be using runes for enemy fire res?

If im using maple bow I'm thinking Lem or Ohm for jewel crafting
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Hello, What kind of Gem/Rune/Jewel should I equip ?