SSF Bow Druid

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Crowned wrote:
I am 110 now and I am dying through easy UBERS such as Infernal Machine, DPS lacks a bit. I am planning to increase my Attackspeed to the recommended breakpoints. Livesteal is already pretty strong with my non-optimized build. It feels like I can almost facetank these easy encounters.

This is right where I'm at right now. Not quite as much defense or DPS as I'd like, followed the leveling guide here with gearing. I'll do some farming and see if it gets better but it feels like damage and tankiness is just low even with some decent TUs and honorifics.

I'll give your follow up finds some look.
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Onyx Knight
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Wondering if anyone has tried the new hunter build with Guardian of Sclosgen bow ? looks sick on the paper :D
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Well it looked sick until I found out that dmg is capped at 1k-3k with spell focus ...
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Maybe need update 2.0 build?
Dark Huntress
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this guide still relevant 2.0?
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no 2.0 update planned for now.