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usling wrote:
bibel89 wrote:Hi usling. I am currently playing Physic version of Cherubim pally. But i remembered that you had played adjudicator version of this.
Is there any big difference between pure Physic and Adjudicator cherubim version? I played elemental version of this for a short time. But, it didnt go well in scos (i dont know how to survive in there without life spark on striking).

Hello Bibel :mrgreen:

Iv had no problems in Scosglen.. this build variation has some flat phy damage that leeches a tiny bit.. yes its not a lot like the phy version of palazon but it worked just fine for me, even without Hellfire Plate.

Adjudicator is indeed an elemental version of palazon. Its a strength based version that scales of
Goedendag (Sacred)

One-Hand Damage: 53 to 54
(Paladin Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 574
Item Level: 120
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.14 per Strength)%
Holy: Holy Fire Deals 4.5% of Strength as More Total Damage (max 250%)
Unholy: Blood Thorns Deal 40% More Total Damage
Nephalem: +25% Total Vessel Damage Bonus from Passives
+1 to Paladin Skill Levels
+50% Damage to Undead
Adds 175-325 Fire Damage
Adds 1-600 Lightning Damage
Adds 200-250 Cold Damage
+800 Poison Damage over 1 seconds
-(15 to 25)% to Enemy Elemental Resistances
Socketed (3)
by stacking strength you gain flat fire damage true holy fire. You can use the full
Curse of the Zakarum
Curse of the Zakarum
(Zakarum Set)

Bremm's Retribution
Wyand's Perfidy
Geleb's Greed
Maffer's Frenzy

Set Bonus with 2 or more set items:
Maximum Life +3%
Maximum Fire Resist +4%

Set Bonus with 3 or more set items:
70% Attack Speed
40% Movement Speed
70% Hit Recovery
(40 to 70)% Chance of Crushing Blow
Enhanced Weapon Damage +20%

Set Bonus with complete set:
+2 to All Skills
+84 Fire Damage
+50% to Fire Spell Damage
-60% to Enemy Fire Resistance
+3 to Path of Flames
+75 to all Attributes

with this variation. As physical palazon is also a strength based stacking build they both have rather lowish AR and as such tend to be a few variation getting the attack rating you want. I am not a big fan of this variation tho it can be very nice and its possible to get 90 all resist with this variation of the build. Sins we get our flat fire damage true "Holy Fire" +all skills is king for this variation. As such +2 or even +3
Seal of the Nephalem Kings
Seal of the Nephalem Kings

Required Level: 100
Item Level: 120
+(1 to 2) to All Skills
(10 to 15)% to Strength
(10 to 15)% to Vitality
(10 to 15)% Bonus to Defense
(10 to 20)% Gold Find
. Body armor you can use either
Arkaine's Valor
Arkaine's Valor
Splint Mail (Sacred)

Defense: (9532 - 10839) to (12577 - 14093)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 600
Item Level: 120
50% of Your Bonus to Defense Added as Vitality
+1 to All Skills
50% Hit Recovery
+(150 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
+(3000 to 5000) Defense
Physical Resist 10%
Socketed (6)
Hellfire Plate

Hellfire Plate
Body Armors

Runeword Level: 115
+1% Innate Elemental Damage per 250 Strength and Dexterity
15% Chance to cast level 9 Life Spark on Melee Attack
20% Attack Speed
+250 Fire Damage
-(11 to 15)% to Enemy Elemental Resistances
+(171 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
Maximum Life +(3 to 5)%
Maximum Elemental Resists +(1 to 2)%
Fire Resist +(10 to 20)%
Lightning Resist +(10 to 20)%
Cold Resist +(10 to 20)%
Poison Resist +(10 to 20)%
Physical Resist (7 to 10)%
runeword. Amulet would be the
The Tesseract
The Tesseract

Required Level: 100
Item Level: 105
+2 to All Skills
25% Cast Speed
+(1 to 30)% to Fire Spell Damage
-(1 to 20)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
+(1 to 30)% to Lightning Spell Damage
-(1 to 20)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+(1 to 30)% to Cold Spell Damage
-(1 to 20)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
+(1 to 30)% to Poison Spell Damage
-(1 to 20)% to Enemy Poison Resistance

Saw that someone asked about "Skill Point" distribution for this variation.

I tend not to put points into the INCARNATION tree for the "attack rating" as I don't like that play style having to cast Solar Flare all the time. Base duration is 30 seconds now, so that's is good and properly makes it not as annoying to use anymore.

This is how I play the build. Yes you can go pickup the free "attack rating" in the Incarnation tree if you like

Elemental Wisdom (MAX)
Veneration of Justice (1)
Spark of Hope (put points here until you get 60% movement speed)

Retaliate (1)
Divine Judgment (dump spare skill points here)
Lionheart (max)
Holy Fire (max)

Melee Devotion (1)
Meditation (3)
Specialization (10)


Dragon´s Blessing (max)
Blessed Life (max)
Divine Apparition (1)

Thank you for your detail explanation.

I really like your build :) thx a again!
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usling wrote:
bibel89 wrote:Hi, really nice guide.

and curious about what is the difference between dex stacking and str stacking palazon.

I know its Physic and Elemental dmg but are there big gaps between physic and elemental?

actually i dont really prefer ele build (no leech) but if the ele one is much better than physic, i will consider to choose ele one lol

You "kinda" answered your own question :) but to the part about the so called GAP between the different variation of the build the elemental builds are more of a later endgame focus and in general elemental build is more overall damage. Sins Consecration got changed the gap is not as B I G and if you really want to I think if you invest in some expensive gear and stack A LOT of DS the physical version can do some amazing stuff.

I think this season I hit around 24K max damage on page 2 of D2stats before I swapped over to adju fire/str variation.

Overall best version of the palazon build would be
Crystal Sword (Sacred)

Required Level: 100
Required Dexterity:
Item Level: 130
Innate Cold Damage:
(35.0% of Dexterity)
100% of Vitality Added as Cold Damage to Weapon
Max Life gained per point of Vitality reduced by 0.9
You Cannot Deal Fire, Lightning or Poison Damage
40% Chance to cast level 30 Azure Orb on Melee Attack
Adds 300-450 Cold Damage
-100% to Enemy Cold Resistance
+2 to Remorseless Winter
Slow Target 25%
Maximum Cold Resist +10%
Physical Resist 10%
100% Bonus to Defense
Cannot Be Frozen
Requirements +100%
Socketed (6)

Can you explain "Azurewrath" variation? How you would build it? What items and points?